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Product compatibility matrix for Storage foundation and cluster server

I am part of a services Org. in IBM that delivers solutions on POWER AIX systems. We have some very large enterprises which use both VCS and VSF products. I am trying to find an updated product compatibility matrix showing the following: List which VCS and VSF version and release levels are supported or compatible with current versions of PowerVM Virtual IO Server (version and release). VSF documentation indicates support for "OS Logical volume managers" (LVM and PowerVM Live Partition mobility (LPM). I would like to know any AIX, VCS or VSF version and release dependencies to enable the OS LVM and PowerVM LPM functions within Storage foundation and Cluster server. 

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There is a matrix

There is a matrix at which shows SF and VCS matrix with AIX Power versions.  There are also hardware and software matrixes at (Document categories: "Compatibility lists" so for example the 6.1 AIX software Compatibility lists is at which gives matrix for SF.



Mike, this is a huge help....

Mike, this is a huge help.... In the sfha_solutions_sc61_aix.pdf document I got from your last link, I find powervm references to VIOS and NPIV support.. Do you know where I'd look to find (a) The Latest VIO server version and release supported by VSF family ? (current VIOS is . (b) VSF support for VIOS function (Live Partition Mobility aka "LPM"). ? 

Accepted Solution!

Have a look

Just to add to Mike's

Just to add to Mike's comments, there is a Virtualization Guide in the SFHA documentation set:

PDF in:

HTML in: