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Re: This forum sucks

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I appreciate that this is a peer-to-peer forum, but consider this:
When you access the website for your product (SE 5.5 in this case), and select discussion forums, you have two options:
  • Symantec Technology Network, this forum.
  • Peer to peer newsgroups.

I would expect to be able to easily find moderated forums similar to other major manufacturers.  As it is, the first option available to a user takes you straight to peer to peer solutions only.

I too feel the support for this product is suspect.


Level 2
This is definitely the product that time forgot and I would expect Symantec to drop it soon. They should do for all the input they put into it.
Most of the queries here are just to do with the basic functions of how the application 'really' works behind the scenes and not covered in the monster admin guide which is full of fluff about how to do the mind numbingly obvious.
Do organisations just not bother with Storage growth anymore or they do but just don't use this?

Level 2
I have had nothing but problems with this product.
The install of it has taken me forever.  It crashes each time in the middle of the install (even though my systems are configured exactly as prescribed), I'll remedy whatever perl script or search for other 'services' it claims not to be able to find and get a little bit further into the install just to have it throw another exception.
I've tried doing an uninstall after the crashes in hopes to start over from scratch, but the uninstaller crashes.
This, of course, leads me to have to rebuild the machines in order to try to get rid of whatever stupid bug SF has created for itself!!!!

Level 3
Hi all
Yes this it is a bit of a play around to get the product working, but I must say when is is working it works well. I have quite a few customers who are very happy with it. Most of the problems arise because of the oem of a previous version of the product that microsoft oem'ed.
What exeption errors are you getting ?? Is this with r2 release or storage server? If so your problems would be much less if the file filter driver that comes with windows is disabled.

Level 3
Also for the uninstall there is a tool from microsoft called "installer cleanup utility" You can use this to get rid of the old install. After running the tool clean out any storageexec entries from the reg and reinstall, make sure you have local admins or equivilant rights....
Good luck..