SF 5 instlalled - init 6 problem

We have installed SF HA v 5.0 MP1 (VxFS, VVR, VxVM, VCS) in Sparc solaris 8 system. We have applied following patches 127344-01, 123742-04, 124361-05.

When we fire the command init 6 it will not stop services includes Netbackup but not until we are not fire the command in other telnet console. If you have any idea about the problem, please reply? Is there any other patch required to solve this problem?

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Hello Dharmesh, Not getting a

Hello Dharmesh,

Not getting a fair idea here.... did you observed where it is getting stuck exactly ? is it getting stuck at any particular daemon or service or its different everytime ?


Hello Gaurav, At console in

Hello Gaurav,

At console in terminal, there was not any activity after netback process stoping. We are also trying to first netbackup stop and then init 6, again it is not any activity after stop at other process. While command reboot is fire, it will rebooted.


Hye Hi, Best option here

Hye Hi,

Best option here would be cross verify wth symantec VISA, see if u have missed out any patch/hotfixes.

Installing in Solaris would be attimes very tricky. In case if its ok with you create a 'panic' CORE & provide it to SUN for investigation.

Mostly it might be missing some patch. Also is this happening after installation or everytime you try to reboot the server.



Hi Dharemsh, The link to VIAS can be found at: https://vias.symantec.com/vias/vias

You may also want to check out Patch Central, which you can access from VOSLabs: https://vias.symantec.com/labs/labs/