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SF5.0 - Jumpstart issues

Level 2


ppreciate your inputs regarding below issues with Jumpstart with SF5.0.

Having trouble installing all of the SF 5.0 products during Jumpstart.


Attempting to install ALL products, by installing:

*     Oracle RAC (to get all SF, plus Oracle pkgs)

*     Sybase (to get Sybase specific pkgs)

*     DB2 (to get DB2 specific pkgs)

*     All Enterprise VCS Agents

*     MP1 Patches


This seems to work pretty well, but takes *FOREVER*, due to one problem - the 2nd and 3rd steps install the entire set of Storage Foundation packages *AGAIN*.  I'm including below the relevant lines from the Jumpstart profile I've written, and the response file used for each install script invocation - I think I'm just doing something wrong





     # New to 5.0:  Install *EVERYTHING* from all products

     #              Only *license* the products you will actually use














     cat <<EOF >> ${SF_RESPONSE}

     \$CPI::CFG{SYSTEMS}=[ qw(${HOSTNAME}) ];



     # Put the install logs into /var/tmp on the new host



     mkdir -p ${INSTALL_LOGS}

     INSTALLSF_OPTS="-installonly -nolic -nostart -logpath ${INSTALL_LOGS} \

                    -rootpath ${DISKROOT} -responsefile ${SF_RESPONSE}"


     # Must cd into SF media dir or VRTS perl will not be found


     cd "${VX_MEDIA}"






     ${INSTALLSF_ORA_RAC} ${INSTALLSF_OPTS}  # This installs all SF pkgs plus Oracle pieces (VERY GOOD!)

     ${INSTALLSF_DB2}     ${INSTALLSF_OPTS}  # This installs SF all

over again plus DB2 pieces  (BAD)

     ${INSTALLSF_SYB}     ${INSTALLSF_OPTS}  # And so does this (plus

Sybase pieces)            (BAD)




Level 3
Hello Shankar,

Please post your installer logs, or look through them to see if it is reporting the SFRAC as not being installed when it starts the db2 install. It could be a bug where it's getting confused finding the prior install due to -rootpath. I know we fixed some things in that area in MP1.

That is an adventurous use of jumpstart + the install scripts :D