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SFHA group offline and cannot get mounted

on linux rhel 5.5, using Storage Foundation and HA.  having problems with a disk group.  cannot get enabled on primary server.  how do i enable either using command line or using the gui?

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Issues with Disk Group


Would you mind elaborating a little further on the issue that you are experiencing?  Are you unable to import a Disk Group or are you having issues bringing a Disk Group resource online in VCS?


Joe D

You mean to say the diskgroup

You mean to say the diskgroup is getting disabled ?

If its a "dgdisabled" situation, you need to deport & reimport the diskgroup ... Please note diskgroup usually gets disabled because of issues on underlying disks or storage ....

If you can paste some outputs, it would be best to advise for us ..

-- vxdisk list

-- vxdisk -o alldgs list

any error messages if you have seen ?

technote which you would like to read...



What I think that your DG

What I think that your DG resource can enable on secondary server but not able to enable on primary server ?

if this is correct then check/verify that you haver a proper connection of SAN disk/drives with the primary server