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Setting up Storage Exec 5.5 in clustered Win2K3 EE

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Actually what I am trying to do is to setup Storage Exec 5.5 in a clustered environment. The clustering software used is Microsoft Cluster Server in a Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition. I have followed the Administration Guide closely in implementing Storage Exec 5.5. The setup we would like to use is an Active-Passive mode. Things I have done are:

 ·         Installed Storage Exec in both nodes of the cluster with Enterprise Administration Option, update with all hot fixes.

 ·         Installed MS SQL 2005 in both nodes of the cluster.

 ·         Executed sesqlconfig.exe /u /o /q “sa” /p “pass123!@# “on the active node, and created MS SQL database (SESRMDB).

 ·         Created a shared disk for my quota management.

 ·         Executed the Configuring Storage Exec for a clustered environment

 After executing the last step, in the configuration review, it states that I should be using MS SQL database which I have already did. Another thing is, I did try to move the group (failover) to the passive node, and I don’t see the MS SQL database (SESRMDB) in the passive node.

Am i missing sumthing here?


Level 3
Have you run the install on active nodes only? What I mean is that when installing you install on the active node, then the hotfix...then fail over and install on the passive node which is at this time active, load the hotfix then fail back and run the cluster config from INSIDE the console and select the resources you would like to be clustered, I have had issues before running the config from the command line as well.