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Setting up VVM

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I've been asked to setup VxVM and Volume Replicator on 2 LPARS, one is the DR server. Both have 2 X 73 GB and 2 X 300 GB drives. I'm a newbie with VVM and would like some advise on how to properly setup the volumes:

1. What's the best RAID configuration in this kind of setup? RAID 1 or 5? taking into consideration increasing the volume size and disk failures down the track.

2. How should I lay it out.

Thanks in advance.

Mel Faro

Level 4
Sorry to say this but if you really are a newbie to VxVM you should seriously consider NOT using Volume Replicator. It's a complicated product and you will have great trouble solving any problems with it unless you are very experienced and feel comfortable with Subdisks, Plexes, Logs, Volumes etc.

Having said this, I'd like to add that doing RAID-5 in software is - in most cases - a very bad idea for a lot of reasons. Especially in your configuration, with the different LUN sizes. You're certainly better off with RAID-1.

Level 3
Partner Certified
Also RAID-5 is not supported for shared disk groups, thus if you consider using VCS you should not use RAID-5.