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Storace Exec 5.3 - File Content Signatures

Hi guys, running the now unsupported Storage Exec 5.2 HF 24. I'm trying to ensure that file content checking blocks e-mail files but there are no signatures in the registry for .msg files etc. Is it possible to create them? I assume they are some sort of reg expression check against the file hearder or hash?

PS: I'm looking to move away form this product obviously!

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Hi These forums are based


These forums are based around the Storage Foundation and Cluster products. Not sure if there is a specfic forum for Storage exec, will contact the community manager



I see you have acknowledged

I see you have acknowledged that you are running unsupported software...

So, unfortunately there is nobody here or anywhere else on Connect that will be able to help you. (Storage Exec used to be part of Backup Exec product family but there is no longer a forum page for it).

Best to have a chat to your local Symantec reseller for suitable replacement, depending on your environment and requirements. (

Products that you may want to consider is Data Insight and Enterprise Vault.