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Storage Foundation 4.3 MP1 - Problem with Exchange 2003 SMTP connector

Level 4
Partner Accredited
Hi! I have very strange problem with Exchange 2003 SMTP connectors. Exchange is installed on 2 node Veritas Cluster (Storage Foundation 4.3 MP1). There are two SMPT connectors for the same address space but they have different costs and smarthosts. What I want to accomplish is that in the case of failure of smathost1 defined on connector1 (connector with lower cost) all mail traffic should be rerouted through connector2 (connector with higher cost) with smarthost2. All of that works on standalone Exchange 2003 server just as expected but on Exchange server 2003 installed on veritas cluster connector which cannot connect to smarthost defined in his configuration never want to go into down state and mails are just staying in queue. Any help is appreciated!