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Storage Foundation 5.1 Upgrade RHEL 5.6 to RHEL 5.8 64bit

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We are upgrading the Storage Foundation 5.1 product and require to uplift the RHEL 5.6 64 bit on the servers to RHEL 5.8 64bit.

Is there a particular procedure to follow with regards to the order that the upgrade should be done.

Also what pitfalls are there with upgrading the RHEL 5.6  to RHEL 5.8 with Storage Foundation 5.1 installed...





Level 2

Prior to upgrading to RHEL5U8 upgrade to the latest 5.1SP1RP3P1 product release. RHEL5U8 implemented changes to the SCSI layer that affect how SFHA5.1 functions as it relates to SCSI3 PGR. Product release 5.1SP1RP3 is strongly advised if Storage Foundation High Availability 5.1 will be configured to use SCSI3 Fencing.

Procedure to follow for single node non-encapsulated ( mirroring not managed by Veritas Volume Manager )bootdisk.

A. Upgrade the 5.1 product to the latest 5.1SP1RP3P1 release.

B. Upgrade the Operating System from RHEL5U6 to U8.

The only downside would be that Storage Foundation modules will not load if kernel kABI is not maintained for the new kernel. Although there is no kABI issues between RHEL5U6 and U8 for RedHat distributed kernels. That being noted, upgrading the Operating System when our products are installed should be transparent, upon reboot our scripts will automatically load our Storage Foundation modules and start the product.