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Storage Migration Steps - on VVR

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Hi ,

I want to migrate storage on VVR. Below are the steps I have in mind. Please guide me to do it in right way.

1. Stop the replication between DC1 & DR

2. Add the New array lun on primary site node.

3. Vxevac from Source lun to target lun. Same for SRL

4. Check the DCM for the Volume after the migration

5. Proceed the same on Secondary site and start replication

Below is the Diskgroup which I want to migrate.

rv rdu-rvg      1            ENABLED  ACTIVE   secondary 2        srl-vol
rl to_rdu-wc-ap-vvr rdu-rvg  CONNECT  ACTIVE   rdu-wc-ap-vvr rdu-dg to_rdu-po-ap-vvr
v  rdu-vol      rdu-rvg      ENABLED  ACTIVE   100663296 SELECT   -        fsgen
pl rdu-vol-01   rdu-vol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   100663296 CONCAT   -        RW
sd t1disk02-01  rdu-vol-01   t1disk02 0        100663296 0        emc0_12cc ENA
pl rdu-vol-02   rdu-vol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
sd t1disk02-03  rdu-vol-02   t1disk02 100663808 512     LOG       emc0_12cc ENA
pl rdu-vol-03   rdu-vol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
sd t1disk03-03  rdu-vol-03   t1disk03 205521408 512     LOG       emc0_12cd ENA
pl rdu-vol-04   rdu-vol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   100663296 CONCAT   -        RW
sd t1disk001-01 rdu-vol-04   t1disk001 0       100663296 0        tagmastore-usp0_01eb ENA
v  rdudb-vol    rdu-rvg      ENABLED  ACTIVE   205520896 SELECT   -        fsgen
pl rdudb-vol-01 rdudb-vol    ENABLED  ACTIVE   205520896 CONCAT   -        RW
sd t1disk03-01  rdudb-vol-01 t1disk03 0        205520896 0        emc0_12cd ENA
pl rdudb-vol-02 rdudb-vol    ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
sd t1disk02-02  rdudb-vol-02 t1disk02 100663296 512     LOG       emc0_12cc ENA
pl rdudb-vol-03 rdudb-vol    ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
sd t1disk03-02  rdudb-vol-03 t1disk03 205520896 512     LOG       emc0_12cd ENA
pl rdudb-vol-04 rdudb-vol    ENABLED  ACTIVE   205520896 CONCAT   -        RW
sd t1disk002-01 rdudb-vol-04 t1disk002 0       205520896 0        tagmastore-usp0_01ec ENA
v  srl-vol      rdu-rvg      ENABLED  ACTIVE   314406576 SELECT   -        SRL
pl srl-vol-01   srl-vol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   314406576 CONCAT   -        RW
sd t1disk04-01  srl-vol-01   t1disk04 0        314406576 0        emc0_12ce ENA
pl srl-vol-02   srl-vol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   314406576 CONCAT   -        RW
sd t1disk003-01 srl-vol-02   t1disk003 0       314406576 0        tagmastore-usp0_01ed ENA





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I have moved your post to a more relevant forum.

I would rather use the mirror method as described in these TNs:

How to use mirroring to migrate data from an old storage array to a new array

How to migrate or move storage from one array to another or change the RAID level

How to migrate volumes to new disk enclosures using Veritas InfoScale and Storage Foundation

Thanks @Marianne

I have done migration on vxvm using vxevac/mirror but here my concern is on the replication (rvg/rlink) part.

Whether I need to pause/stop replication before starting storage migration and DCM log recreation is required or not.? 

Both the site I want to perform the migration one after one. (replication need to stop or not )

This RVG are configured in Global cluster , I want to do this activity without downtime. It should not affect the service group.

Please help me on providing steps on VVR part.


Level 4

Can anyone help me on this VVR ?