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Storage Migration

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We are planning for storage Migration from EMC utility 2 to utility 3 storage, all the filesystem are vxfs we are planning to mirror the old disk and new disk and sync the data and remove the old disk from mirror. Whether the new LUN size should be the same for creating the mirror and sync the data.




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The new LUNS do not need to be the same size.  Normally they would be the same size or bigger, but they just need to be big enough to mirror your volumes onto, so if you have a lot of free space in your diskgroup then you can make your new LUNs smaller.

A few commands to help you:

Show volumes and their sizes: vxprint -v

Show Volume Manager disks and their sizes: vxprint -d

Show free diskgroup space: vxdg free

All of the above, can of cause be used with "-g diskgroup" if you want to view for a particular diskgroup.

If in doubt - post the output of the above commands


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The easiest way to migrate VxVM volumes is to use VOM (Veritas Operations Manager).   VOM has an Array Migrate Wizard that can accomplisgh this in just a few steps.


Use VOM to identify the current LUNs.  Then, give that list to your storage admin to assign the same type LUNs from the new array.

Once the new LUNs are zoned, run the array migration wizard.  VOM will understand that there are LUNs from two differnet arrays, then prompt you to confirm the migration.

Even if you are not using VOM today, it is worth installing just for this one operation.  VOM can be installed and configured in the time it took me to respond to this eamil :)   VOM can be downloaded from the trialware site.  One is authorized to use VOM if you have at least one Storage Foundation license in your company.  VOM can actively mange SF and VCS, and report on all other native stacks.


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Hi Mike & Clifford,


Thanks for your suggestions, can you help me with activity steps for storage migration