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Support for Oracle on RHEL5.6 with SFHA 5.1SP1 RP3

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A customer of mine says he has been told by Symantec that Oracle on RHEL5.6 on SFHA 5.1SP3 is not supported and they must upgrade to SFHA 6.0 as the customer has been told "update 6" of RHEL5 is not supported with 5.1.x

The 5.1SP1RP3 release notes says supported O/S is:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) with Update 3 (2.6.18-128.el5 kernel) till RHEL 5 with Update 9
So this specifically says "Update 6" is supported (unlike RP2 which just says "update 3 or later"
The "SFHA Solutions Oracle Support Matrix" at says Oracle 10.2 or RHEL5 (updates are not mentioned) is supported with 5.1SP1 RP3 and there are no "notes"
Actually SF 6.0 has "note 5" which says
SFDB tools are only supported with Oracle 10g R2
So this is actually saying 6.0 is NOT fully supported with Oracle
Can anyone point me to any docs that say Oracle on RHEL5.6 is NOT Supported with SFHA 5.1SP1 RP3
Can someone from Symantec confirm that Oracle on RHEL5.6 IS Supported with SFHA 5.1SP1 RP3 and so the customer must have been mis-informed or misinterpreted what Symantec has told them.

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Your customer should ask the Support engineer to send the support/non-support in an email along with the URL/documentation....

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Support for Oracle patch is coming shortly.  Please review the information I sent to my customers on Monday below.

The BU has confirmed that we will shortly support and the announcement will be made this Friday.  I believe that support will only be for SFHA 6.0.3 and later.

There is a known problem with Oracle patch  This patch was released in September and is incompatible with Symantec Oracle Disk Manager (ODM).  Please note that Oracle’s base install patch level is and the recommended patch is 11.2.03 and those versions do not break ODM.  Customers that are using ODM and patch to version will be unable to start their ODM managed databases.

 Symantec does support the latest full release of Oracle RDBMS which is version 12c.  No other currently supported versions of Oracle RDBMS are affected – this issue is only with the patchset.  Please inform all customers of this issue as we do not yet have a date for resolution and/or updated patches.  I am monitoring this issue and will be updating the team as items develop.  In the meantime please let me know if customers have any questions relating to this patch or other questions about Oracle support.  Thanks.

 Oracle compatibility list: