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Symantec Availablity Solutions on Cloud



Would just like to know if the following solutions can be implemented via cloud? SF, VCS, VVR, VOM and APPHA. A client has their own private cloud and wants to create their DR via cloud as well. They are looking at our solution to help them implement their DR.


Many Thanks!



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Does this article on

Does this article on "Symantec Helps IT Organizations Get the Private Cloud They Want from the Infrastructure They’ve Got" answer your question:


Hi Dan,   To answer your

Hi Dan,


To answer your question, yes.  As long as the OS is supported, we work inside the host. 

As long as there is a network link connecting your hosts, you can cluster them. 

If you are running inside a VM (VMware, KVM, etc.) then ApplicationHA is a possibility. 

If you would like to replicate using VVR if you have SF on both the source and destination and a link to connect them, then it is a possibility.

In short, if you have a VOM instance with ApplicationHA and VCS in the cloud you could orchistrate the order in which applications come online using Virtual Business Services (VBS).


Other than the document that Mike sent out, is there something else you are looking for?



Hi Anthony and Mike,   Got

Hi Anthony and Mike,


Got the info I need.. Thanks for the help.





Hi Anthony and Mike,   I

Hi Anthony and Mike,


I would just like to ask a follow up question, since our availability solution works with cloud, how then can we do SPVU license given the fact that in cloud, we are not sure where the resources would come from?