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The perfect private cloud for the financial sector

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Shared services, private cloud, or whatever you wish to call it. Many banks and financial institutions have already walked in that direction and are looking for more benefits in that area as transaction rates keep increasing, new services need to be delivered more rapidly, regulations pressure is increasing and the financial crisis is still hitting hard. The industry is under pressure, and has been for some time. I am not talking about the private cloud as a revolution, not even an evolution, but rather an intelligent approach to address budget cuts and the struggle is to increase utilisation without compromising business critical applications or systems. I can see that there are many out there, looking for clever solutions with minimal investments and I am also happy to say that there are solutions that we know will work. The Storage Foundation solutions are a vital part of many large banks’ infrastructure and have been so for some 20 years. That provides for some best practices that we are able to deliver.

We have talked to our finance customers and asked them to tell us how they see the virtualisation and evolution to the cloud – the findings have been gathered in a report that you can download here. In addition the analysts have looked at what we could do for financial institutions – which is summarised in an Executive summary. Take a minute to take part of the insight and feel free to share your comments or thoughts. Is this the way to work through budget constraints and compliance pressures?