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Unable to boot solaris after un-encapsulating root disk

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we have a Solaris 10 X86 "147441-12 " with vxvm version 5.1 installed on a X6270 M2 sun server , The customer have HW raid "RAID 1" configured .. 4 disks configured giving 2 disks to the O.S. these 2 disks are encapsulated using vxvm for rootdisk and root mirror ! After shutting down the server to replace one of the failed disks "HDD2/part of root mirror" , server boot process reported "unexpected free inode. please invoke fsck" .. I booted in failsafe mode , reverted vfstab to vfstab.prevm ... removed rootdev and vxvi lines in /etc/system , created install-db , removed root-done , replaced /a/boot/solaris/bootenv.rc with /a/boot/solaris/bootenv.rc.pre_vxvm .. updated boot archive , reboot into failsafe , did fsck for root disk .. the system hangs while booting with "WARNING: cannot find /etc/svc/volatile" .. if i revert all changes back to vmvm encapsulation it gives the same error .. booting from root mirror gives same error + fsck errors . Please advise ,

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You could make use of "vxdiskadm" to manage the process of replacing the failed boot disk -which is not evident from the steps you've mentioned above. (some sample screen o/p here). Also, please double-check if the replacement disk used for the failed boot disk has at least as much storage capacity as in the older disk.