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VCS Fire Drill - dmpnodename


I have a problem testing VCS Fire Drill setup on HP-UX 11i i v3

We have a global cluster environment, and trying to test a Bronze fire drill config. I created fire drill service group manualy. When I try to bring FD service group online, the following error shows up in the log:

VCS ERROR V-16-20038-115 (####) HTCSnap:HTCSnap_dbsg_FD:online:Failed to get the dmpnodename for device c18t0d0, exiting

VxVM vxdmpadm ERROR V-5-1-2271 c18t0d0 not a valid device name


Device c18t0d0 does not exist on the secondary site. We have device c18t0d3 which is a replica of a primary site device c18t0d0. Since it's a block copy it also replicates disk media name which is c18t0d0. Now, standard DR testing using remote failover works fine, but fire drill does not. In other words HTC agent knows how to handle this, but HTCSnap has a problem - it's able to suspend the replication and resume it back again during clean operation, but it cannot come online due to this error.

Agent version is  Is there a way around this?