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VIOM does not see disk groups or CDS disks


I have created a small InfoScale lab - two managed hosts. I have successfully created 11 CDS disks on each host and created a disk group on each host. vxdisk shows all disks as being online and my newly created disk group. These are all local SCSI disks to each host.

VIOM sees the two managed hosts but does not see the new disk group I created. When I try and create a 2nd disk group from within VIOM it tells me there are no disks. From each of my hosts, everything looks fine.

This is InfoScale 7.4.1, VIOM 7.4 all on CentOS 7.6. I'm using VirtualBox for my virtualization manager.



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Re: VIOM does not see disk groups or CDS disks


Did you create the dg via cli or also in viom?

Please post the output of

vxdisk -o alldgs list

Re: VIOM does not see disk groups or CDS disks

I added the hosts (sys1 and sys2) to VIOM which were successfully found.
Then I created the VxVM disks at the command line on sys1 and sys2 - all came "online"
Then I created the DG from the command line on sys2

# vxdisk -o alldgs list
sdc auto:cdsdisk appdg01 appdg online
sdd auto:cdsdisk - - online
sde auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdf auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdg auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdh auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdi auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdj auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdk auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdl auto:cdsdisk - - online
sdm auto:cdsdisk - - online
sys2_disk_0 auto:LVM - - LVM
sys2_disk_1 auto:none - - online invalid

From my original post, VIOM does not see any disks so I cannot create a DG from within VIOM. Within VIOM I have rescanned the disks on sys1 and sys2 and it does not see any of my CDS disks. It does see the LVM boot drive. Since VIOM does not see any of the CDS disks I cannot create a DG from within VIOM.



Re: VIOM does not see disk groups or CDS disks

in VOM there are several so called "discovery times".  These discovery times are the time intervals sfor each defined object to be discoverred.  For instance the following:






All aspects of Volume Manager, File Systems and related storage network information


if after 30 minutes and the disk and the dg info srae still now dis[played properly, you can first click on the "refresh" tab.  If this doeas not help, restart VOM processes by running the commands below

xprtld: /opt/VRTSsfmh/adm/xprtldctrl <start | stop>
Web console: /opt/VRTSsfmcs/cweb/sfmw <start | stop | restart >
Database: /opt/VRTSsfmcs/config/adm/vxsfmcsdb <start | stop | stop_force>
Authentication: /opt/VRTSsfmcs/sec/bin/sfmsecdctrl <start | stop>