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VVR - Data status inconsistent - DCM (autosync)

Level 2


I’ve configured VVR  5.1_SP1RP4 (Veritas Storage Foundation) on a RHEL 5.9 server.

I’ve started yesterday the replication and today (19 hours later) the state of Data Status still is Inconsistent.

It’s only 1 RVG of 1000 GB.

Looks like never ends Autosync, network looks fine, I've copy files between the two hosts and time was normal.

I saw that Readback in PROD server is always filled up. I've increased to 256M and still filled up, looks like never flush!

[root @ latlap-prd4917 ~]

# vxmemstat

Fri 12 Dec 2014 06:38:47 PM BRST
 Pool       DG       Min       Max         In          Allocated   Max       Waiting
                     Size      Size        Use                     Used
----------  -------  --------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ---------  -------
Voliomem    -            1024    131072         0        1024        0    no
NMCOM-latambpmvvr_rvg  vvrdg01      1024     16384         0        1024        0    no
RViomem     -            1024    131072         0        1024        0    no
Readback    -            1024    262144    236080      236576   236080    no
Other       -            1024    131072         0        1024        0    no


Source server: latlap-prd4917

Replica server: latlap-cob4917


# vxdisk list

DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS

sda          auto:none       -            -            online invalid

sdb          auto:cdsdisk    vvrdisk01    vvrdg01      online

sdc          auto:cdsdisk    vvrdisk02    vvrdg01      online

sdd          auto:none       -            -            online invalid


# vxprint -Pl

Disk group: vvrdg01


Rlink:    rlk_latlap-cob4917_latambpmvvr

info:     timeout=500 rid=0.1068

          latency_high_mark=10000 latency_low_mark=9950


state:    state=ACTIVE

          synchronous=off latencyprot=off srlprot=autodcm

assoc:    rvg=latambpmvvr_rvg

          remote_host=latlap-cob4917 IP_addr= port=4145






          local_host=latlap-prd4917 IP_addr= port=4145

protocol: TCP/IP

flags:    write enabled attached inconsistent cant_sync connected asynchronous autosync resync_started


[root @ latlap-prd4917 ~]

# df -h


Filesystem                                                             Size    Used   Avail Use% Mounted on


/dev/vx/dsk/vvrdg01/latambpmvvr         1000G  536M  938G   1% /latambpm/vvr


[root @ latlap-prd4917 ~]

#  vradmin -g vvrdg01 -l repstatus latambpmvvr_rvg

Replicated Data Set: latambpmvvr_rvg


  Host name:                  latlap-prd4917

  RVG name:                   latambpmvvr_rvg

  DG name:                    vvrdg01

  RVG state:                  enabled for I/O

  Data volumes:               1

  VSets:                               0

  SRL name:                   latambpmvvr_srl

  SRL size:                      200.00 G

  Total secondaries:   1



  Host name:                    l atlap-cob4917

  RVG name:                     latambpmvvr_rvg

  DG name:                        vvrdg01

  Rlink from Primary:     rlk_latlap-cob4917_latambpmvvr

  Rlink to Primary:           rlk_latlap-prd4917_latambpmvvr

  Configured mode:        asynchronous

  Latency protection:      off

  SRL protection:               autodcm

  Data status:                     inconsistent

  Replication status:         resync in progress (autosync)

  Current mode:               asynchronous

  Logging to:                       DCM (contains 996786176 Kbytes) (autosync)

  Timestamp Information:      N/A

  Bandwidth Limit:                     N/A


[root @ latlap-prd4917 ~]

# vxrlink -g vvrdg01 -T status rlk_latlap-cob4917_latambpmvvr


Fri 12 Dec 2014 11:26:20 AM BRST

VxVM VVR vxrlink INFO V-5-1-4464 Rlink rlk_latlap-cob4917_latambpmvvr is in AUTOSYNC. 996797440 Kbytes remaining.

VxVM VVR vxrlink INFO V-5-1-9472 Timestamp is not available when rlink is using DCM


# date

Fri Dec 12 11:29:28 BRST 2014

# vradmin -g vvrdg01 -l repstatus latambpmvvr_rvg

  Logging to:                 DCM (contains 996645888 Kbytes) (autosync)


# date

Fri Dec 12 11:29:34 BRST 2014

  Logging to:                 DCM (contains 996641792 Kbytes) (autosync)


# date

Fri Dec 12 11:29:39 BRST 2014

  Logging to:                 DCM (contains 996637696 Kbytes) (autosync)


# date

Fri Dec 12 11:29:48 BRST 2014

  Logging to:                 DCM (contains 996631552 Kbytes) (autosync)


# date

Fri Dec 12 11:31:19 BRST 2014

  Logging to:                 DCM (contains 996558848 Kbytes) (autosync)


Thanks a lot for any clue about the issue.



Level 2

After 3 days, is consistent:

# vradmin -g vvrdg01 -l repstatus latambpmvvr_rvg

Replicated Data Set: latambpmvvr_rvg
  Host name:                  latlap-prd4917
  RVG name:                   latambpmvvr_rvg
  DG name:                    vvrdg01
  RVG state:                  enabled for I/O
  Data volumes:               1
  VSets:                      0
  SRL name:                   latambpmvvr_srl
  SRL size:                   200.00 G
  Total secondaries:          1

  Host name:                  latlap-cob4917
  RVG name:                   latambpmvvr_rvg
  DG name:                    vvrdg01
  Rlink from Primary:         rlk_latlap-cob4917_latambpmvvr
  Rlink to Primary:           rlk_latlap-prd4917_latambpmvvr
  Configured mode:            asynchronous
  Latency protection:         off
  SRL protection:             autodcm
  Data status:                consistent, up-to-date
  Replication status:         replicating (connected)
  Current mode:               asynchronous
  Logging to:                 SRL
  Timestamp Information:      behind by 0h 0m 0s
  Bandwidth Limit:            N/A