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Veritas CFS: impact on performance when adding nodes to the cluster

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Dear support


I have a cluster CFS with 2 nodes.

 need to know if they have impact when adding 4 nodes to the configuration.


Thanks in advance.


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Possibly a slight impact but probably won't be noticible.  The impact will be there will more traffic on the LLT heartbeat network, but if you are using gigabit ethernet for your heatbeats then this is unlikely to be noticible.

In earlier verisons of SFCFS the number of nodes was limited as SFCFS had problems scaling so I think the limits were:

4.x: 4 nodes

5.0: 8 nodes

5.1: 16 nodes

Even though all these version supported at least 32 nodes in a VCS cluster, but since 6.0, SFCFS supports the same 64 nodes that VCS supports which suggests that SFCFS scales well now.



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When adding more nodes to cluster, cfs,   need attention your application performance .


1. avoid application write/read on same directory at same time.

2.avoid too many files in same directory.

3. divide proper file system to proper size.