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Veritas Cluster addition

Hi All,


In our environment we are having 8 node Veritas cluster sharing a Filesystem in all servers, and now we have request to add 8 more nodes to the existing cluster. So please provide the steps as well the best way to complete the setup.



Rajini Nagarajan

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Hi , There are many docs or

Hi ,

There are many docs or articles on this .. refer

This doc has links to all the three methods from install guide (web, installer, manual) ..



VCS 6.0 Admin Guide Chapter

VCS 6.0 Admin Guide Chapter 9: Modifying the cluster configuration
Contains these topics: 

■ About modifying the cluster configuration
■ Adding nodes to a cluster
■ Removing nodes from a cluster
■ Reconfiguring a cluster
■ Configuring single sign-on for the cluster manually
■ Configuring the ClusterService group
■ Deleting a cluster configuration


Please download the VCS Admin Guide for your version from: and go through the step-by-step instructions in this section of the manual.

Let us know if anything is still unclear.