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Veritas Storage Exec 5.3 not displaying managed resources


I have Veritas Storage Exec 5.3 hotfix 24 installed across a few Windows 2000 file servers.  The product has been running fine for years however now within the information desk (management console) under the managed resources, it does not show all the policies on all vloumes.  It displays some, but not all.
The policies are still in place, as I can list them using the SEAlloc command and if I create a new policy, the policy takes effect however is not displayed in the informartion desk.

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions?

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Please check this site

Might have some information on what you are looking for.  Also, I believe this product is now supported under the Backup Exec product as of a couple of years ago.

Try this, as it happens to me

Try this, as it happens to me too..... :

fltmc attach qafilter drive_letter:

Thanks, do you have any more

Thanks, do you have any more info on that command.  What does it do and what are the consequences.  Don't really want to run it unless I know what will happen and why.