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VxVM 4.0 on Solaris 9 new install, certain volumes won't start on boot.

Level 2
I just finished installed Solaris 9 onto a Sunfire v120 with 2x18GB drives. Installed Veritas like normal worked fine (like we did on all the other hosts).

Here's the issue.

Once we encapsulated the bootdrive (like usual thru vxdiskadm) and reboot, it came up fine no problems, so I login and finish slicing up the disk. Making a home and a var partition, I format them, mount them up copy the files I need over make sure vfstab is ok. reboot.

The machine starts to boot and .....

VxVM INFO V-5-2-3247 starting special volumes ( swapvol rootvol usr opt tmp )...
The /var file system (/dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/var) is being checked.
Can't open /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/var: No such device or address
/dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/var: CAN'T CHECK FILE SYSTEM.
/dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/var: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.

WARNING - Unable to repair the /var filesystem. Run fsck
manually (fsck -F ufs /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/var). Exit the shell when
done to continue the boot process.

Notice there is no mention of var or home

is I run a vxvol -g rootdg startall followed by a mount -a the system will boot fine.

But obviously this isn't production ready :)

Any clues as to what I may have missed, or what might be the issue? Some info below.

v home - DISABLED ACTIVE 2099106 SELECT - fsgen
pl home-01 home DISABLED ACTIVE 2099106 CONCAT - RW
sd rootdg01-06 home-01 rootdg01 1045764 2099106 0 c1t0d0 ENA

v var - DISABLED ACTIVE 18356442 SELECT - fsgen
pl var-01 var DISABLED ACTIVE 18356442 CONCAT - RW
sd rootdg01-07 var-01 rootdg01 3144870 18356442 0 c1t0d0 ENA

This is the state the volumes come up in.

SunOS ns2 5.9 Generic_118558-35 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2Message was edited by:
Scott Walker

Level 3
Errh, I'm not sure I'm getting you right but just in case I do: You did WHAT? First you encapsulated the root disk, then rebooted and CHANGED THE PARTITION TABLE by "slicing up the disk".

If that's what you did, then why are you surprised you got problems ;-)? If it isn't, please explain what you mean by "finished slicing up the disk". Maybe I can help you then.

Level 4
I thought again and maybe what you did was creating VOLUMES for var and home (not partitions as you wrote). That makes a lot more sense. In that case make sure their vfstab entries are correct with respect to "mount at boot" and especially "fsck pass". The latter, I think, must be set to "1". I'm not sure though, since I'm not even close to any VxVM machine at the moment.
Best to compare these values with those of a machine that works.

Good luck!

Level 2
You were right sorry, I am double checking the vfstab (copied from a working host because all these hosts are setup the same).

Level 2
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/usr /dev/vx/rdsk/bootdg/usr /usr ufs 1 no logging

/dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/home /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/home /home ufs 1 yes logging

And still doesn't work.

Level 4
Sorry I only have very little time now, otherwise I would try to help you more. Only so much now:
Concentrate on /var first. If /var cannot be mounted then /var/vxvm/tempdb does not exist, and VxVM cannot run without that directory. That may then be the root of other problems. Good luck!