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VxVM 4.1 Storage Migration - From 38G disks to 33GB disks, how to do?

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Can someone point me in the right direction?

Additional info:

Volumes are striped, using both filesystem and raw (oracle Database).

Can also reconfigure the destination disk to be 66GB. Presenting approx 1/2 the number of disks.

My OS admin says I need to provide the exact number of drives, which need to be the same size of larger.I disagree and need to provide the process to them.  I dont want to overprovision if I use larger disk sizes.




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I have noticed that nobody has attempted to respond in 5 days... Maybe because none of us quite understand your query?

Are you the EMC Storage Administrator who needs to provision additional LUNs in order to grow existing volumes?

The number of luns/disks that needs to be provisioned depends on the current layout of the volume.

For example, a volume striped across 4 disks, will need another 4 disks to grow the volume to maintain volume layout.

You can use 'vxprint -htr' on the server to view existing volume layout.

PS: VxVM 4.1 has reached EOSL in July 2011. Please tell your sysadmins to upgrade...

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If you are migrating disks, then you can put whatever layout you want on new disks, so if your volume is striped, you can create a mirror that is a stripe with a different amount of columns or it can be a concat.  If the layout on the mirror is different then you may get different performance out of the volume, but these days with modern array with large cache, you have to have really high I/O to need software striping.  Once you have mirrored data to your new disks, you can then remove mirror on old disks.

As Marianne says, if you provide "vxprint -htr" and the number and size of LUNs you want to migrate to, I can confirm this will work ok.