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What command can label the disks under ASM control

Level 3

Let's initialize the disks with SF and ASM, but I don't want to create volumes for ASM

 I need the next print:

#vxdisk list

DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS
disk_0       auto:none       -            -            online invalid
ds8x000_0101 auto:ASM        -            -            ASM
ds8x000_0140 auto:ASM        -            -            ASM
ds8x000_0147 auto:cdsdisk    ds8x000_0147  db1_oradg online


# vxdg list
NAME         STATE           ID
oradg enabled,cds          1312840202.62.db1
cdrdg enabled,shared,cds   1310505590.65.db1
desdg enabled,shared,cds   1310505738.67.db1

How I can do this.


Level 6
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Have you tried Oracle forums/documentation yet?

In this Storage Foundation forum we can tell you how to initialize a disk/lun to be used as VxVM disk. We do not have documention on how to label/initialize ASM disks.

We can tell you how to view these disks or how to remove them from ASM control: