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Which one is for me?

Here I want to create a DB2 cluster on 2 AIX boxes with EMC storage. The idea is when one DB2 fail, the other on automatically startup and continue the work, so users won't notice it.

I thought Storage Fundation is the product I should use, but what is Storage Fundation for DB2? What is the difference?
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Re: Which one is for me?

SF for DB2/HA has a number of additional integration components with DB2 including:

The DB2 agent for VERITAS Cluster Server, which starts up DB2 in the event the active node goes down.

Concurrent I/O, and API through which DB2 communicates with VxFS to achieve superior performance

Management tools to allow checkpointing of a database for disk-based recovery.

Reporting tools to map from database tables to volumes, LUNs, even physical spindles.

There is more of course, but that's a start.