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Procedure to move storage

Hi folks,We have 2 node VCS clusterRDM is used for shared storage.DEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUSsan_vc2_000270 auto:cdsdisk wdg0101 wdg01 online thinrclm clone_diskWe are moving storage from IBM to HPE.I have added new rdm disk and have added this dis...

RS74 by Level 2
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Hi,When is required to use vxrecover and when vxmend to recover volume?vxresize can be used online?

Migrate veritas DG to new Array

Hi,### We are having 2 node VCS clusterroot@fra-020-aps-009:~>% hasys -listfra-020-aps-009fra-020-aps-010root@fra-020-aps-009:~>%### shared storage is assigned from 2 different storages in different sites.#### we have done plex mirroring with plex fr...

Inconsistent Device Name between the VM vxdisk

Dears,I hope you're all well & safe. We are using Veritas Infoscale 7.4 and we are having a 6 nodes cluster.The output of the vxdisk list command on the first two nodes is showing the below:DEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUSsba-emm-app-pro_vmdk0_0 auto:sl...

KMomtaz by Level 2
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VIOM does not see disk groups or CDS disks

Hi,I have created a small InfoScale lab - two managed hosts. I have successfully created 11 CDS disks on each host and created a disk group on each host. vxdisk shows all disks as being online and my newly created disk group. These are all local SCSI...

shogan1 by Level 2
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Resolved! issue

Dear Experitse Team,I have the problem when do the change yesterday , I adjust the oraclerac_db2 service group , rename the backup  to  to verify the  there is no error then restart the VCS on node , the mount point /db1 and /db2 are ...

Veritas Storage Foundation setup instructions

Hello, can someone please point me to simple setup instructions for the basics of VSF-managed RAID drives? Ideally with a set of VMs and conventional storage. Or does VSF need more exotic storage hardware? I've gone to the following link and obtained...

gdeff by Level 0
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Resolved! Unable to remove on attribute in vcs 7.4

group Network (SystemList = { teemm01 = 0, teemm02 = 1, teemm03 = 2, teemm04 = 3 }Parallel = 1AutoStartList = { teemm01, teemm02, teemm03, teemm04 })MultiNICA MM_ONM_NIC (Device @teemm01 = { bond0 = "" }Device @teemm02 = { bond0 = "" }D...

Ayan1987 by Level 3
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Diskgroup issue

 We have the two disk group volumne in VCS  v db1_a01_vol fsgen ENABLED 26500096 - ACTIVE - -pl db1_a01_vol-01 db1_a01_vol ENABLED 26500096 - ACTIVE - -sd db1_datadg13-01 db1_a01_vol-01 ENABLED 8833536 0 - - -sd db1_datadg14-01 db1_a01_vol-01 ENABLED...

Urgent to fix the problem

Dear All,I find the two node the cluster failed to start VCS servies and check the log message below.Aug 15 12:27:21 devuaedms12 genunix: [ID 603404 kern.notice] NOTICE: core_log: pkginfo[4234] core dumped: /var/core/core.pkginfo.300.100.devuaedms12A...

Resolved! Server crash when import SAN disk

Hi everyone I have an issue with a replicated SAN disk on a secondary VVR server.While I try to import the disk, the Windows Server 2012 crashes and BSOD happens with an error related to ntfs.sysThe import command:vxdg -g diskgroup import Harddisk1Tr...

Resolved! Veritas 7.4 cluster resources goes offline automatically

2019/01/29 22:14:17 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 (LSVPRDMMFE4A) Agent is calling clean for resource(cfsmount5) because the resource became OFFLINE unexpectedly, on its own.2019/01/29 22:14:18 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 (LSVPRDMMFE4A) Agent is calling clean for...

The vxbench behavior with linux iostat

It is so strange that the vxbench_rhel6_x86_64 program can run successfully and output the result at last, but the system iostat always shows zero during the running process !Notes: I have tested this with many RHEL5/6 systems, but the same result! I...

liuyl by Level 6
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Resolved! replace disk

hi,if i like to replace a disk ten usually i use vxdiskadm or vxplex rm dis plex then vxdg it better to try first after i replced the disk vxreattach -rb then if this not work to try the above?tnx

lelu by Level 3
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