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Resolved! VMAX 3 support in Storage Foundation / DMP

Does anybody have information if / when Storage Foundation supports the new VMAX 3? The HCL only lists the "VMAX Series", and as the VMAX 3 is significantly different from the old VMAX, I am not sure if it is covered or not. 

Resolved! DG deport

hi, if i like to export an DG from an node,for an maintenace reason or when the VCS was not able to bring down the service group,first i need to offline the resource? hares -offline then vxdeport DG?       tnx a lot

Resolved! Solaris OS compatibility for SFHA Version 4.1

Hi All, Arch=Sparc OS=Solaris 10 Release=3/05 Initial Release SFHA=VCS,VxVM,VxFS Version=4.1 I'm planning to upgrade Solaris host from Initial Release to Latest Release (Solaris 10 1/13 Update 11). Also the host is running VxVM,VxFS & VCS ev...

Resolved! What is the VDID

VOM uses the VDID obtained from VxVM to identify the array as so has identifed an Hitachi USP-V (actually the USP is rebadged as StorageTek 9990V) as: HITACHI_R600_SerialNo This is not useful as I don't know what R600 means, so I am trying to under...

mikebounds by Level 6
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Resolved! root disk fails

Hi, I wish to verify things. If i have only an single root system disk with vxvm on it,what happends if:   - metadata is corrupted on the root logical volume .i assume that the disk will not be seen by the OS,but i could see objexts like plex,vol...

Resolved! vcs install

hi, i like to verify things.In order to configure an vcs on 2 or more node we install the SFHA.The installation is done on one node by /installer and here just supply all the nodes where the SFHA will be installed,over the public LAN.right?     T...

Veritas Storage Foundation Under Xen Virtual Machines

Hi, I have been some problems with a virtual servers using xen virtualization servers.   I found this article about support Veritas under Xen, but It's a old article, there are any updates about SF under Xen?

presuntinho by Level 3
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Resolved! Disk group free space calculation

Hi  root@murray # vxdg -g RMTSTP01_ora_arch_dg free DISK         DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS RMLS01_ora_arch_dg01 emcpower16s2 emcpower16   140509184 85915904  >>>>>>>>>>>140509184*512/1024 = 67 GB - calculated RMLS01_ora_...

Resolved! VCS and CVM

Hi, I like to verify the online migration steps in cvm with IOfencing device,vcs with IOfencing and cvm,vcs without IOfencing.       The goal is to migrate data disks and root disks along with IOfencing device,when there is IOfencing. CVM with ...

Resolved! Why it happens - logging to DCM (needs dcm resynchronization)

Replicated Data Set: RVG Primary:   Host name:                  X.X.X.X   RVG name:                   RVG   DG name:                    DG   RVG state:                  enabled for I/O   Data volumes:               1   VSets:                  ...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! cvm online

Hi, I like to verify the below content. If i wish to add or modify logical volumes,on master node,then the logical volumes mounted on the other nodes should not be unmounted and made inactives.right?So the work could carry on with the logical volum...

Resolved! VXVM Disk keep failing

Environment SFHA/DR = 5.1   #vxprint dm AAA-DG02     san_vc0_1    -        213727216 -       FAILING  -       - rv AAA-RVG      -            RECOVER  -        -        CLEAN    -       - rl rlk_192.168.4.5_AAA-RVG AAA-RVG DETACHED -  -        S...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! SFHA 6.1: Poor performance with VxFS

Hallo @all I'm facing poor performance with VxFS ( EMC LUNs, host-based-mirrored volume with logplex :( We compress and uncompress a 10GB file and here are the results: pri620[root]/database/sybase_backup {NSH}: time compress test_a real    1m43....

Resolved! Manually addition of subdisk in vxvm

Hi, We have to some space in the disk, and we found that in our environment, one subdisk is using in two volumes which is under same disk group (Vaultdg) We have found out one subdisk which is free and can be added manually. Shall we proceed to ad...

Resolved! access key

Hi, The access key writen by every node on the disk who holds an certain disk group,is an protection mechanism.right? If the DG is not shared,then this acess key ensure that no other node will bring online the DG,and if the DG is shared then no oth...

ousor by Level 4
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Resolved! High Availability Solution Needed

Hello,         I have server hardware hooked up to a SAN, with a very mission critical MS SQL database running.  I need a high availability solution that can ensure no SQL transactions are lost in a fail over.  Can a Symantec product do this, and wh...

DKone by Not applicable
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Storace Exec 5.3 - File Content Signatures

Hi guys, running the now unsupported Storage Exec 5.2 HF 24. I'm trying to ensure that file content checking blocks e-mail files but there are no signatures in the registry for .msg files etc. Is it possible to create them? I assume they are some sor...

shocko by Level 4
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disk in error state in vxdisk list

disk replacement was performed for  c1t2d0s2 and after that we are not able to add this disk into dg. I can see duplicate entry of c1t2d0s2 in vxdisk list   abcmas3{root} #: vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATU...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! vxvm migrate

Hi, If i like to live migrate an vxvm volume from an SAN to other SAN,using mirroring,then does not matters if we have RAID 5 under the source logical volume and the target volume is linear.right?Later on we could convert the linear volume to other ...

ousor by Level 4
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