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Resolved! Unistall Veritas VXVM & VCS from LINUX 5.8

Hi, We have 2 node cluster, now we have to shutdown 1 node & kept both DB & CI on single node, for this activity i need to remove veritas (vxvm + vcs) from servers & create LVM file system for both DB & CI. I need help for unistall veritas from bot...

Tiger09 by Level 4
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Storage Foundation (Storage Checkpoints on Oracle)

Hello Experts (if you're out there)   I'm running Oracle 11gR2 on Rhel 6.2 with SFHA 6.0.x and have configured the SFDB and can take checkpoints and restore them. But this doens't really mean my database is up and running again. Once you restore fr...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! Disk/ DG name missing

I have a question regarding  VG name.  One of the DG was missing and this DG had only one disk. When I looked at the disk list, DISK was missing too.  The reason DG is missing since it had only one disk and all the private and prublic info gone.  Am ...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! Creating ext4 file system on a vx volume?

Long story short, we are trying to utilize block based backups for some 30 million files on a 2 node A/P VCS. Product will not support vxfs, and one of our ideas was to simply keep the vxvm pieces so the scripting and VCS controls all work the same, ...

vxlist report wrong disk size

hello i run vxlist , but found some disks are report as xxz not xxg. please review at the screenshot. please help . thank you.

pgm10s by Level 5
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Resolved! DMP and MPxIO doubt

All the LUNs are under vxvm. If I want to use MPxIO instead of DMP for those LUNs, what is the proper method to do it? I have seen a method saying that we need to delete dmp/rdmp directories... is it required? Should I disable DMP in any way or I jus...

susadas by Level 3
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Resolved! cvm

Hi, Based on llthosts information had know on what node to start an service or to failover this service(failover list).right? If this llthosts is missing then no service will be bring online.right?     If an service group has restart limit=1 and...

Resolved! parameter

hi, are there any system parameter in order to make an vxvm volume to go faster,i mean i/o queue depth or some paralle i/o to be increased on volume? normally queue depth should be =1 so the disk dont experience slowlness.right?

Resolved! plex

Hi, I like to see why vxvm introced the plex object and what are the plex advantages if you compare with lvm.     I mean in lvm when we create an volume ito an volume group,here is not an intermediate layer between physical disk(included in volum...

Resolved! vxassist multiple volume of a same subdisk

Hi, I will need to migrate from one array to another array. but i have this dg that have multiple volume using the same subdisk. using this command (vxassist -g klcdsctcrsyb019g1_sybasedg mirror sybase emc1_01ba) Will vxassist automaticall...

move a dg to a new server

I have 2 solaris servers running storage foundation 5, using the same attached san but not same disks. I need to move 1 disk group (1 lun) from server one server to the other. The storage team has agreed to rezone the lun so both servers can see it...

Resolved! vxrsync finds differences after VVR sync using network

Split off from I have a lot of data:  2  RVG,  each RVG has 2 volumes  about 400GB for each one the network bandwith is about 10 to 40 mb/s when i synchronise with network it se...

tunisGharbi by Level 4
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Resolved! mechanism

hi, i like to verify things. Over private network,public network(if is setup the llt traffic) or disk hearbeat go heart beat and gab traffic(when a resource is modifed,added).   Let`s say we have 2 nodes vcs and the service group failover from no...

Resolved! login

Hi, If an group will failover enough fast then the users not need to relogin to use the application.right? Only if the failover takes long time,the users should relogin.     On parallel service group there is no floating IP.right. The chain is ...

Resolved! vxedit

hi, vxedit set user=red group=green mode=0666 neville,so i setup which user and group will access this raw volume on this box into an ORAC.right? Supposing that there are 100 users (from 100 computers) who like to access the database built on this ...

Resolved! Question on volume state

hi, a last thing. if i enable an volume vxvol init enable,then could i mount it?what is the difference between an enabled and active volume?         thanks so much.

Resolved! FS is frequently facing i/o errors

Hi All,   I am using storage foundation 6.1 with Solaris10 u10. FS are frequently facinf i/o errors. I am unounting the FS and mounting it back. It is mounting it back without any issues. but I would like to why it is happening regularly. Below out...