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Resolved! unable to move a volume from 1 disk to another

version 5.0 Solaris 10 # vxprint -g datadg scms-db160 TY NAME         ASSOC        KSTATE   LENGTH   PLOFFS   STATE    TUTIL0  PUTIL0 v  scms-db160   fsgen        ENABLED  1048576000 -      ACTIVE   -       - pl scms-db160-02 scms-db160  ENABLED  104...

IdaWong by Level 4
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Resolved! vxvm migration

hi, I have 2 LUNs presented to an box and I wish to verify things. In order to gain performance which one of the below situation is the best? -a) I create on each LUN an subdisk and I assign them to an plex,next this plex I assign to an logical volum...

Resolved! filesystems inside disk group

hi all, I am trying to find out if a particular filesystem which belongs to a disk group can be taken offline and mounted on another host, we have a disk group which has file systems for 5 databases, i am checking if a couple of filesystems belonging...

jonujoy by Not applicable
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VxVM siteconsistent feature

I had a query on VxVM site-consistent feature. I have "Veritas Storage Foundation Basic" product installed and I am using mirroing with site consistent feature (mirror=site). On documentation, till release 5.0, this chapter "Administering sites and r...

Resolved! Share Filesystems between SCO Openserver and AIX with SF V6

Hello, I would like to share FS between SCO Openserver v6 and AIX (+ Basic Storage Foundation V6.0.3). I created some filesytems on SCO Openserver and maps this LUN to a AIX servers (using SAN capabilities). The servers didn't share the same LUN in t...

TALIS2 by Level 2
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Resolved! reclaim_on_delete_start_time only allows 22:00-03:59

Hi all, I'm trying to force a reclaim of thin provisioned storage, by altering the vxtune variables; reclaim_on_delete_start_time reclaim_on_delete_wait_period As I already deleted the volumes, and with the 1 day delay, I wanted to speed up the proce...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Resolved! Split Serial Brain in VXVM under Solaris

Hi   I am facing the split serial brain issue in VXVM under solaris. Please find the below---   ============================================= Jan  9 18:27:27 vxvm:vxconfigd: V-5-1-9576 Split Brain. da id is 0.2, while dm id is 0.3 for dm disk5mirr   ...

Resolved! CFS PostOnline Trigger

Version: SFCFS 5.0MP3 on Solaris 10u9. A "postonline" VCS trigger perl script has been created and tested at the command line using the "hatrigger" utiltiy but the "postonline" trigger script  is not automatically run by VCS when the SF Cluster File ...

ocns by Level 2
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Resolved! Licensing for point in time copy on Oracle RAC

In my organization we have Oracle RAC running on RedHat Enterprise Linux and need to create a policy of data protection with continuous data protection.   It is possible to do using only the Storage Foundation Enterprise for Linux or need additional ...

Resolved! Diskigroups will be imported without reservation

Hello, I'm trying to mount the file system via VCS cluster and it is mounting without any issue, but I am very curious about this message   "DiskGroups will be imported without reservations   What does it mean? Thanks in advance

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! VxVM Disk UDID is correct. Disk Tag is incorrect.

We recently made a change on our SAN that resulted in all the EMC disk's WWN changing.  Now all my VxVM disks have a correct UDID, but one of the disk tags still references the old disk type and WWN.  For example: # vxdisk -g datadg -v list datadg01 ...

Resolved! How to re-configure a data disk into a VG

Hi Team, I have a AIX 5.3 server with veritas 5.1, on which 2 disks (hdisk 4,5) are part of oravg. with VXFS file system. All data residing on hdisk4 and mirror with hdisk5.   We had activity for replacing faulty disk 5 and I followed below steps. ...

Resolved! Basic question on vxdisk list ..

Hi All, This is my first post in the community & I am very new to Veritas, please excuse me if questions are of layman category I have a AIX server with volume manager 5.1, I am trying to understand the "vxdisk list" output. I visited the SORT site t...

Resolved! SF6.1 cannot install on RHEL 6.5

Hi, The same way SF6.0.x cannot install before the patch, SF6.1 cannot install on RHEL 6.5. Do you know if a patch exists and is going to be published ?   Thanks

Resolved! vxvm encapsulation

hi, i wish to verify things. When i need to encapsulate the root disk,is it compulsory that on this disk root not to be I/O traffic? I mean i need to boot off from dvd or network then i encapsulate the root disk?or also is possible to boot in single...