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Resolved! Patch missing for some components

My query. I was updating SFHA 5.0 MP3RP3 with the rolling patch of MP4RP1. The patch I downloaded did not contain any instalmp or installrp script. There were respective directories in which rpms were available. I had to to rpm -Uvh *.rpm to install ...

Resolved! VxVM vxvol ERROR V-5-1-10128 Configuration daemon error 441

Environment RHEL 5.3 SFHA 5.0 MP3RP3 Problem My Replication is in passthru mode. So I just need to diassociate and associate the SRL volume via the below command : #vxvol -g DG dis SRL-VOLUME but facing the below problem:   vxvol -g PHOENIX dis PHOEN...

Zahid_Haseeb by Level 6
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Resolved! Suggestion for updating sfha5.0 MP3RP3 environment

Environment RHEL = 5.3 SFHA/DR = 5.0 MP3RP3 Primary Site = Two Nodes Cluster DR Site = One Node Cluster Query We are planning to update our existing 5.0 version with the last updated version of 5.0. (After some time we had a plan to go with latest ve...

Zahid_Haseeb by Level 6
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Resolved! vxfs_34.i64243.tar missing from website

Hello, I would like to compile VxFS support into lsof.  In the lsof FAQ it says to goto the following website below.  VERITAS is now owned by Symantec, so I would like to ask where we can now find this file.

dazdaz by Not applicable
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Resolved! vxstat: time since last reset?

Hello,   I wonder if there is a way to determine the time since the last reset ('vxstat -r') of vxstat counters for some or all VxVM objects. Or asked differently: When vxstat gives me data like [root:/]# vxstat OPERATIONS ...

jf7640 by Level 3
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Resolved! Solaris 11.1 VXVM 6.0.1 'df' cause a panic

Environment: System Configuration: HP ProLiant BL480c G1 Oracle Solaris 11.1 X86 panic string:   BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=fffffffc816fdb90 addr=0 occurred in module "unix" due to a NULL pointer dereference Veritas INFO:  PKGINST:  VRTSv...

Resolved! Fencing with iSCSI disks

I have my test cluster configured with iSCSI disks. I tried to configure fencing with iSCSI as well with no success. The vxfentsthdw utility failing to test the disk always on the same test for all three disks I tried. Could it has something to do wi...

Switch port Description scripts

I would like to know the how to assign the Description on each port (particular) with the help of scripts. Right now i am doing through manually in Device Manager.Select the particuler port and adding description How do i add through scripts,so if i ...

Shekhar_D by Level 4
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CFS umount abnormally

  Hi everyone!   I have ten SFCFS nodes on the same version of AIX OS platform with SFRAC 5.1SP1RP3. This SFCFS cluster has two CFS resources which running on all nodes.Recently, I encounter a very strange problem for service group sg-cfs-mount01 o...

ZhangYi2012 by Level 2
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constantly getting this message "sdx: Write Protect is off"

Environment OS = 5.3 Vxvm = 5.1 $ sudo vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS sda          auto:none       -            -            online invalid sdb          auto:simple     sourcesafe01  sourcesafe   online s...

Zahid_Haseeb by Level 6
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Veritas Volume Manager 4_DG restoration

Hi I have a node which is SUN E2900 where SUN storage 6130 is connected.Veritas volume manager was configured in that node.Server's internal hard disks were under VXVM.Apart from that other DG were created by using the storage disk.Now thing is that ...

Plex size and volume size is different

Hi,   Facing a problem where plex and volume size is different, i need to mirror the volume but while mirror it gives error. first we need to correct this unexpected behaviour of volume. Volume is concat and i need to mirror it. root:test1:/root # vx...

Resolved! No Downtime while adding Replication Service Group

Dear All Experts Enviornment is of SFHA We have a Service Group of Application running, We need to remove old replication service group and add a new one, Old replication service group has been removed already. My concern to this activity is, will we...

Resolved! The output of fsadm...

Hi there, I want to ask what's the meaning of 'blocks used for indirects', and how is it calculated. On RHEL5.7 # /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -D -E /ocr1   Directory Fragmentation Report              Dirs        Total      Immed    Immeds   Dirs to   Block...

Weny by Level 3
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