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Resolved! VCS Node time out of sync

We have a 2 node VCS cluster on Solaris 10 in which 1 of the nodes had NTP services stopped and is out of sync by an hour. No active service groups on the node.   Will starting up the ntp service cause any cluster issues? or is it safe to start the N...

Kumaran by Level 3
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Resolved! Convert QFS to VxFS

Hi we are planning to migrate our data to a different storage array. however we are looking to convert the LUN file system from QFS to VxFS. is there a way in which we can do this/ a tool which can be used for the conversion?    please advise. apprec...

Watching Oracle Disk Manager work with Solaris dtrace

Hi, I had to get ODM to work in a Solaris 10 container (aka zone) and wanted to make sure that Oracle did indeed use ODM and direct I/O to the Oracle files. I could not find documentation for the Veritas dtrace probes but after some trying and guessi...

jf7640 by Level 3
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RAID5 Full Stripe Write

I created a fresh VxVM 6.0 RAID5 volume on four columns. I performed some basic I/O operations and noticed that writes always end in read-modify-write cycle. I haven't been able to trigger a full stripe writes yet, regardless of the command I used...

damjan by Level 3
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Posssible problem with new Bourne shell in Redhat 6.2?

Hello, the /bin/sh in RHEL 6 seems to have a different behaviour now than in earlier releases. While previous versions of /bin/sh accepted negative arguments to the built-in "return", this no longer seems to be the case with current /bin/sh in RHEL 6...

jf7640 by Level 3
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how to create two usable rootdg's? (without vxrootadm)

  Hi   I'm looking for some best practices for creating a second bootable rootdg on one system.  The command "vxrootadm" is exactly what I'm looking for, however this command is only available from  vxvm 5.0 MP3 and we are running 5.0 MP1 on solaris ...

m_3sth3r by Level 3
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Resolved! veainfo ERROR V-40-49443-176 on Solaris

Hi Team, we have two Sparc Server running Solaris 10 with SunCluster 3.2, vxvm Veritas-5.0_MP3_RP4:2010-05-05. If we try to connect with VEA, we can see only "actionagent" not "StorageAgent", and: root@XXXXXXX #  /opt/VRTSobc/pal33/bin/veainfo agent_...

bizio by Level 2
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Resolved! Plex in detached/active state

We have a plex in a detached/active state after losing fibre connectivity on the lun. Other luns were recovered by running vxreattach after the fibre issues had been sorted. All paths to the disk look fine. Will appreciate any suggestions to get this...

DanieV by Level 2
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Resolved! SF 6.0 response file issues

Hello   I wonder if I can call upon your skills again.   I'm installing SF v.6 onto a Linux Platform, and trying to script an automated install onto multiple servers, without much luck.   I have created a basic reponse file using the installsf -maker...

sparmar by Level 3
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Expand VM's RDM in Linux SFHA.

Were testing virtual DB2 databases with SFHA 5.1-SP1-MP2 and im trying to increase a DB2 (vxfs) filesystem on the fly in RHEL5.8. Storage is presented from an IBM XIV ---> IBM SVC---->Esx5.0--->2 VM's.  I increased the lun size by 1G for testing and ...

Resolved! Trouble in sudo rule

Hi All, Its not the veritas Issue I need to configure sudo for a below activity, Its working fine User_Alias      NOC_L1_USER = baj33, edg246 Host_Alias      NOC_L1_HST = ch02520 Cmnd_Alias      NOC_L1_CMD = /bin/su - root -c /usr/bin/dsmc q backup...

Resolved! SF, SFHA and SFHA/DR

Hi, Can somebody give me a comparison on these three features please? I know there is a table but can't find the link.

Wangui by Level 4
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Resolved! Increase storage space

Hi, We are running SUN cluster and the file systems are supported by Veritas Vol Manager for Oracle DB. Will expanding the exisintg file system size online cause any implications to the cluster (eg: failed over, etc)?   Thanks in advance for any poin...

YC by Level 4
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Resolved! Veritas Enterprise Administrator 3.2

Hi all, we are using Veritas Enterprise Administrator 3.2 to sync/mirrow two sans. Unfortunately the collegue who has installed it is no more working here. Now i would like to see witch of both sans is at the moment the actice node but i can't find t...

mghomer by Level 6
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remove LUN from solaris 10

Hello, I need help to remove the LUN on Solaris 10 with the storage foundation.  The following details of the system: ______________________________________________________________________ OS Solaris  5.10 Generic_142900-03 sun4v sparc SUNW,T5240 SF...

giacomopane by Level 4
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Resolved! Existing disk is showing error in vxvm

Hi Team,   One of the disk is showing error in vxdisk list command.The disk is allready member of one disk group and also the disk contain volumes. How can i clear the error flag in the state column.

kishored by Level 2
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