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Expand VM's RDM in Linux SFHA.

Were testing virtual DB2 databases with SFHA 5.1-SP1-MP2 and im trying to increase a DB2 (vxfs) filesystem on the fly in RHEL5.8. Storage is presented from an IBM XIV ---> IBM SVC---->Esx5.0--->2 VM's.  I increased the lun size by 1G for testing and ...

Resolved! Trouble in sudo rule

Hi All, Its not the veritas Issue I need to configure sudo for a below activity, Its working fine User_Alias      NOC_L1_USER = baj33, edg246 Host_Alias      NOC_L1_HST = ch02520 Cmnd_Alias      NOC_L1_CMD = /bin/su - root -c /usr/bin/dsmc q backup...

Resolved! SF, SFHA and SFHA/DR

Hi, Can somebody give me a comparison on these three features please? I know there is a table but can't find the link.

Wangui by Level 4
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Resolved! Increase storage space

Hi, We are running SUN cluster and the file systems are supported by Veritas Vol Manager for Oracle DB. Will expanding the exisintg file system size online cause any implications to the cluster (eg: failed over, etc)?   Thanks in advance for any poin...

YC by Level 4
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Resolved! Veritas Enterprise Administrator 3.2

Hi all, we are using Veritas Enterprise Administrator 3.2 to sync/mirrow two sans. Unfortunately the collegue who has installed it is no more working here. Now i would like to see witch of both sans is at the moment the actice node but i can't find t...

mghomer by Level 6
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remove LUN from solaris 10

Hello, I need help to remove the LUN on Solaris 10 with the storage foundation.  The following details of the system: ______________________________________________________________________ OS Solaris  5.10 Generic_142900-03 sun4v sparc SUNW,T5240 SF...

giacomopane by Level 4
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Resolved! Existing disk is showing error in vxvm

Hi Team,   One of the disk is showing error in vxdisk list command.The disk is allready member of one disk group and also the disk contain volumes. How can i clear the error flag in the state column.

kishored by Level 2
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Resolved! Veritas Storage Foundation 4.1 Download redhat ia64

A customer has veritas volume manager installed on their machines, and we need to do some tests on his ownreplicated volumes about our company. But we do not have the veritas software, the problem is that we do not find the test version 4.1 for ia64 ...

tukkann by Level 2
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Resolved! Veritas DMP Vs EMC Power path

Hi, I m a new bie to Storage Foundataion and High Availability. We are configuring SFHA 5.1 SP1 in our setup with EMC Clarion as the storage, and would like to know the below 1. Can VxDMP and EMC Power path co-exist on the same server? 2. What should...

Resolved! Need for solution

Hi, we are looking for a solution which offers replication of our data and application to the DR site. Automatic switching to the DR site and automatic rebuilding of the primary site servers from the DR site. What is the suitable product from symante...

wmujawar by Level 4
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Resolved! all vx* command hung

Hi All,  I'm running vcs and vxfs on solaris 10 with DMP. Recently we had an issue which all vx* command were hung. It cause the several service group was unable to start. Not much thing i can check because all vx* command is not responding. From /...

raunaz by Level 4
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vxconfigd not starting on redhat 5.5

Hi , After installing cluster filesystem on redhat enterprise linux 5.5, I executed   '/opt/VRTS/install/installsfcfsha -configure'  .  Following processes started successfully :    Performing SFCFSHA configuration ......................................

pkm2112 by Not applicable
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Resolved! mirroring plexes across arrays

Are there any cons to mirroring plexes for a single volume across two different arrays for redundancy? I'm familar with the process of mirroring plexes and use it often to migrate a volume from one lun to another lun but was unsure what was the longt...

Resolved! Upgrade Path

I have a two node Veritas CFS cluster. DR is provided by a remote standalone node that only runs VXVM and VXFS. For the purposes of DR, it does currently serve its purpose. However, There is a mismatch in the s/w versions. I do realise these versions...

Resolved! Veritas Storage Foundation

  Veritas Storage Foundation I tried accessing the trailware - but I am getting the product as unavilable - Can anyone share me a solution. Any other link of HP-UX

vtindia by Not applicable
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