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Resolved! Veritas Volume Manger 5.1, Volume Mount issue

Hi, I am getting below error while try to mount the vxfs FS in VRTSvxvm 5.1. I am using VMware 7.1 on x86 machine and installed Solaris 10 OS in vmware. bash-3.2# mount -f vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/dg1/dg1vol /vxmount UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-22168: Cannot ...

Nagpal by Level 3
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Resolved! SFHA5.1SP1PR2 + RHEL 6.2

Hi, A test environment on RHEL 6.0 and SFHA5.1SP1PR2 is working fine, but as soon as you do an yum update to get RHEL up to 6.2, SFHA stops working and effectively blocks access to any VxVM volumes. As far as I can read it, the compatibility guide st...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Aix fuser not report proces id on files in VxFS

Hi There,   I have files in VxFs on AIX5.3 which I know for sure that they are in use by an application. When I run the fuser command it does not show me the process id of that application. Is this a bug/known issue/configuraton? --Peter

PeterVG by Not applicable
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Resolved! Difference between bootdg & rootdg

Hi I would like to know more details about difference between bootdg & rootdg terminology. In my set up below configurations are there 1.vxdg bootdg rootdg   2. While checking all volumes are created under bootdg   /dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/rootvol /dev/v...

Rajan_Iyer by Level 4
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Resolved! 51SP1RP2P2HF2 hotfix

Hi   I have read the following technote but cannot find the actual hotfix, where can i download it from??   51SP1RP2P2HF2 hotfix

HP UX 11.31 recieving error V-5-1-10978

Hello all, I have researched to the end of internet trying to find exact error: VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group dg01rdbmsCRMp: import failed: Disk is sharable, operation not supported    CONFIGURATION  Server model (model): ia64 hp Integrity B...

gaw1227 by Level 2
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Resolved! Difference between vxassist maxgrow/maxsize

Hi, I would like understand the difference between diff between below commands.   vxassist -g diskg1 maxgrow vol1 vxassist -g diskg1 maxsize   In my case 1st command shows 135 GB & 2 nd command shows 23 GB.   Please let me know what it means ?    ...

Rajan_Iyer by Level 4
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VCS HA over Solaris 10

Hi All,   I have Veritas HA cluster running over Solaris 10 x86 plateform. day before yesterday, the cluster stopped working and the file system gone. the admin in office at that time reboot the both servers and after that, disks are available in for...

CFSumount hangs on RHEL6.1 with veritas 5.1SP1PR2

Hello, I'm using two RHEL6.1 servers with veritas 5.1SP1PR2 cluster file system. Cluster starts ok and I can switch services to other node etc but when I execute commands hastop -local or hastop -all then the cluster hangs. It even makes one of the n...

jani by Level 3
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Apache monitor in Linux RHEL 6.2 with SF 5.1SP1

Upgrading Linux RHEL 6.1 - using sfha-rhel6_x86_64-5.1SP1PR2RP2  on a VCS cluster, has a problem with the Apache monitor script, I checked in the bundled agents guide for a debug mode.  The Apache mount point is a shared resource and started by VCS a...

lex13 by Level 2
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VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-8561 ddl_fill_dmp_info:

Hi community, Recently there was a project to add a new EMC AX4-5 enclosure on top of the existing AX4-5 Enclosure (a new array of disks). Current cluster is a 6 blade cluster where all blades share the same LUNs (partitions) using VCSFS and PowerPat...

Resolved! not able to start vxconfigd

vxconfigd is not running as reported by vxconfigd mode while starting vxconfigd by vxconfigd -k below error VXVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-0 segmentation violation -core dumped.   I tried to mv the to a backup file and then restarting vxconfigd...

symsonu by Level 6
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