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VCS HA over Solaris 10

Hi All,   I have Veritas HA cluster running over Solaris 10 x86 plateform. day before yesterday, the cluster stopped working and the file system gone. the admin in office at that time reboot the both servers and after that, disks are available in for...

CFSumount hangs on RHEL6.1 with veritas 5.1SP1PR2

Hello, I'm using two RHEL6.1 servers with veritas 5.1SP1PR2 cluster file system. Cluster starts ok and I can switch services to other node etc but when I execute commands hastop -local or hastop -all then the cluster hangs. It even makes one of the n...

jani by Level 3
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Apache monitor in Linux RHEL 6.2 with SF 5.1SP1

Upgrading Linux RHEL 6.1 - using sfha-rhel6_x86_64-5.1SP1PR2RP2  on a VCS cluster, has a problem with the Apache monitor script, I checked in the bundled agents guide for a debug mode.  The Apache mount point is a shared resource and started by VCS a...

lex13 by Level 2
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VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-8561 ddl_fill_dmp_info:

Hi community, Recently there was a project to add a new EMC AX4-5 enclosure on top of the existing AX4-5 Enclosure (a new array of disks). Current cluster is a 6 blade cluster where all blades share the same LUNs (partitions) using VCSFS and PowerPat...

Resolved! not able to start vxconfigd

vxconfigd is not running as reported by vxconfigd mode while starting vxconfigd by vxconfigd -k below error VXVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-0 segmentation violation -core dumped.   I tried to mv the to a backup file and then restarting vxconfigd...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! Disks name not match within two node cluster

Hi,   I have two node cluster and today I ran Virtual Fire Drill in order to see if everything is OK. I've noticed I'm getting errors such as: * udid.vfd: Failed to get disk information for disk san_vc0_13. * udid.vfd: UDIDS for device <san_vc_8 do n...

tzabary by Level 3
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Resolved! SFCFS Licensing - Tiers on Linux?

Hi Can someone please confirm whether SFCFS is licensed on a tiered basis for Linux?  I'm being told they are and it's complicated, e.g. BL460G1 Dual Core - Tier 1 BL460G1 Quad Core - Tier 2 BL460G6 Dual or Quat core - Tier 2 However, looking at the ...

Resolved! vxdmpadm

hi all,   I would like to submit a problem that I have to work.   The storage men, have brought a new storage (HP P9500), after all appropriate configurations, presented the LUN on solaris9 whit SFHA 5.0 MP3.   from vxdisk list, i see:   DEVICE    ...

giacomopane by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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tier level file size

Hi, Is there any way to find the size of a file which is divided between different tiers? That is, If a file has some data on tier 1 and on tier 2 and I want to know the exact size of the file on tier 1 and on tier 2.   Thanks.

Jbert by Level 4
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Resolved! Licensing question about tiers and rewards band

Greetings, I got a document on my desk with all our Unix and Linux SFHA licenses. My boss asked me to verify that these are active and should be renewed. To be able to do this I need to know what the license names mean.   These are some of the licens...

The perfect private cloud for the financial sector

Shared services, private cloud, or whatever you wish to call it. Many banks and financial institutions have already walked in that direction and are looking for more benefits in that area as transaction rates keep increasing, new services need to b...

Not able to view the correct disk status in VxVM ?

Hi, I am not able to view the correct disk status in VxVM as shown, I had removed the disk from disk group vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS sda          auto:none       -            -                       o...

mukulm by Level 2
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