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Resolved! two hosts dont see the same disk

  [root@ithev2a ~]# vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS cciss/c0d0   auto:none       -            -            online invalid eva64000_0   auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online eva64000_1   auto:cd...

Resolved! Veritas compatibilites and recomendations

Hi there, Please recommend what Veritas Software and Version we need to purchased for the following configuration : - Solaris 9 (SPARC) - Sun Cluster 3.1 - Oracle 9i RAC - using raw devices Also refere the site were I can order and download the softw...

Resolved! how to make recovery in hostA?

thanks very much! 1 more question is how to make recovery in hostA? I check from hostB,it tell me need recovery hostA,but when I recovery from hostA, it still wrong, see the following: [root@zmss2ligB dsk]# vradmin -g ligdg repstatus ligrvg Replicat...

zhy by Level 3
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Resolved! thin provisioning

Hi folks - I've got a proof of concept environment running on 5.1SP1PR2 on RHEL6. Our backend storage is equalogic arrays via iscsi. I am interested in thin provisioning at the vxvm/vxfs level (similar to multiple volumes of any arbitrary size in the...

cblakely by Not applicable
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Resolved! Veritas layed Volume Mirroring

Hi I am confused to see vxprint  out for a volume. It seems it is a layred volume. v  lonwork      -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   157286400 SELECT   -        fsgen pl lonwork-04   lonwork      ENABLED  ACTIVE   157286400 CONCAT   -        RW sv lon...

Resolved! Grow LUN "live" Linux with SF 5.1 possible?

Hi, I am running rhel 5.5 with SF 5.1 and an EMC SAN.  My EMC SAN has the capability (through pools) to increase the lun size dynamically.  I have not found a way to dynamically grow the volume on the SF side without rebooting.  Is this possible?   I...

Resolved! how to license

Hello, Can a customer license a subset of CPU's on a single physical server? It is a multi-tenant server and only one customer needs the functionality that is hosted on the server. Product is Veritas Storage Foundation 4.1 (MP4) for Linux - 32bit Tha...

Resolved! Clustered NFS - What ports?

I am looking to implement Clustered NFS on Solaris 10 within an exsiting RAC cluster. However I want to know what ports it uses for security reasons. Is it the standard NFS ports 111, 2049 etc?

Aacor by Level 3
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Resolved! Upgrading vxfs version to migrate from 5.0 to 5.1

hello everybody i have the same problème for cloning an production database between 2 servers my server target is in solaris10_u9 ,  with VXVM 5.0 and VXFS 5.0 i need to upgrade olf vxfs version 5   to  version 6 or 7  for be use with SF5.1 .. so i n...

Resolved! Resize swap solaris

OS Solaris 10. VxVM 5.0MP3. The question is can i resize swap volume without stopping applications? Does this operation impact application? Do i have to reboot my OS?

ExArmic by Level 3
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Resolved! need the SP1P1HF1 for vxfs

i need to install SP1P1HF1 for vxfs. but i am not geeting link for downolad the same.if any know please let me know it is very urgunt.

suchit by Level 3
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Resolved! Veritas bug 2192031

  hi I wanted to know if its possible to know more detailed description about this bug  " 2194616  : Fix the issue that one node of a 4-node CFS cluster repeatedly hangs due to deadlock between ILOCK and inode owner ", this is all the description i c...

jonu by Level 2
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How to mirror the mirror disk to root disk

Hi All, Here's the scenario. I bootup the mirror disk as the boot device. Now I want to re-mirror the mirror disk to root disk because the root disk had a problem during installation of patch. Kindly provide a procedure we want to re-mirror the mirro...

Resolved! how to build FC LUN connection

I am writing to ask for help for the FC LUN connection. Now we have the Oracle M3000 Server, Qlogic HBA Card, Netapp Storage and Cisco MDS FC Switches. Curretly we have the new LUN be created on the Netapp Storage and exported to this M3000 Server. S...