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Resolved! Veritas bug 2192031

  hi I wanted to know if its possible to know more detailed description about this bug  " 2194616  : Fix the issue that one node of a 4-node CFS cluster repeatedly hangs due to deadlock between ILOCK and inode owner ", this is all the description i c...

jonu by Level 2
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How to mirror the mirror disk to root disk

Hi All, Here's the scenario. I bootup the mirror disk as the boot device. Now I want to re-mirror the mirror disk to root disk because the root disk had a problem during installation of patch. Kindly provide a procedure we want to re-mirror the mirro...

Resolved! how to build FC LUN connection

I am writing to ask for help for the FC LUN connection. Now we have the Oracle M3000 Server, Qlogic HBA Card, Netapp Storage and Cisco MDS FC Switches. Curretly we have the new LUN be created on the Netapp Storage and exported to this M3000 Server. S...

Resolved! Cant encapsulate disk

Hello All - I have a Hitachi AMS 2300 array with 2tb presented to my solaris x64 host.   SF/HA 5.1, SP 1.   I am trying to encapsulate the device via vxdiskadm, and keep getting the following error.   I have searched, but cant find anything on this e...

zsowle1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Disk group import hang

Hi, all! I need to move disk group between hosts. Version of SF on first host is 5.1 and version of SF on second host is 4.1. The disk of moved diskgroup became online on second host.  After i input: vxdg -C import MYDG the vxconfigd daemon proccess ...

ExArmic by Level 3
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Resolved! SF for a heterogenous environment

I have a query for deployment of Storage Foundation in an Environment running different storages, like HP, EMC and IBM. The client wants to use these storages combined together for multiple servers. The scenario client wants to achieve is as under. P...

Resolved! Missing avid based naming feature in SF5.1 SP1

Hello Everybody, I'm missing a feature which was thrown out in Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 SP1. As stated in the "Veritas Storage Foundation Release Notes": Changes to DMP coexistence with native multi-pathing The following limitations apply when ...

xkrass by Not applicable
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Resolved! Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System

I have 2 linux node on that i need to install Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System and after that created the share file system /data1 should be on shared storage and be available on two cluster nodes simultaneously as shared file systems. ...

suchit by Level 3
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Resolved! SLES 11 Tainted Kernel

Hiya, Everytime we raise a support call with Novell (we're running sles11/ they advise our kernel is tainted [with veritas] ! We're using SFCFS 5.1 (sp1rp1), so I thought I'd try and figure out why... I've found this page : http://www.syman...

vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)

I know there is an app built into NetBackup 7.1 for VADP The question is: is there a license or licenses required to enable the feature? And if so where can I find the details? I am building a Master/Media server using Linux RedHat 5 it that helps.  

saathoff by Not applicable
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Resolved! Installing VxVM over ZFS

Hi, I am a big fan of Veritas Storgae and Cluster product.I am using Veritas for last 10 years and would like to use in the same way as well. My question is:- In solaris 11, default file system is zfs. Can we installed and configure Veritas VxVm on Z...

VCS Fire Drill - dmpnodename

Hi, I have a problem testing VCS Fire Drill setup on HP-UX 11i i v3 We have a global cluster environment, and trying to test a Bronze fire drill config. I created fire drill service group manualy. When I try to bring FD service group online, the foll...

ZKing by Not applicable
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Resolved! When trying to create a Root disk encapsulation getting error message VXVM ERROR V-5-2-338 and VXVM vxencap ERROR V-5-2-4159

While trying to create Root disk encapsulation getting the error message   vxvm ERROR V-5-2-338 the encapsulation operation failed with the following error: VXVM vxencap ERROR V-5-2-4159 Disk c1t0d0  is a root disk; Disk cannot be encapsulted.   Di...

Resolved! vxdisk shows two different disk status

Hi, The disk status in below two outputs of vxdisk command using different arguments are different. Can anyone explain the reason or is it a bug. host1 $ vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS Disk_0       auto:no...

ritesh_2 by Level 2
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Limit I/O on VxVM volumes

Hi everybody, I was looking for a solution to set limits for I/O usage on VxVM volumes, but couldn't find anything that fits my requirements. Maybe one of you can help me. I'm running a HA-Cluster on RHEL 5 with iSCSI storage managed by VxVM. The iSC...

Resolved! SF CFS for RAC without GCO option

Hi Everyone, I have a cluster setup where I have a 2 node primary SF CFS for RAC cluster (for RHEL) and a single node as DR for the same. I am suing VVR to replicate the volumes accross to DR. I do not have the GCO option license. My question is, wha...

shahfar by Level 5
Accredited Certified
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Resolved! raid5 vol growth

Hello, im trying to grow raid 5 volume and file system with exact same size disk as others. I have the following error. Could you please guide me. This box running Solaris 10 update 8 and VxVM 5.0 mp3 rp4. # vxprint -htqQ -g testdg dg testdg ...

kodaali by Level 3
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