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Resolved! Plex disabled stale while volume is enabled active

Hi All,   After a power outage i have a situation that the plexes went in disabled stale state while the volume is enabled active.   I've tried to fix clean the plex but then it says volume is enabled, anyways it's right because the volume is fine. A...

SaGu by Level 3
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Resolved! resolving "Data Corruption Protection Activated"

Hello, recently I've noticed a number of servers giving the error below: VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-14519  Data Corruption Protection Activated - User Corrective Action Needed VxVM vxdisk INFO V-5-1-14521  To recover, first ensure that the OS device tr...

p033692 by Level 2
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Resolved! vxconfigd not starting on reboot

I have Volume Manager 4.1 running on a Solaris 10 with Sun Cluster.  This is a 2 node cluster and one node is fine, however on the second node vxconfigd fails to start on reboot.  The odd part is that vxconfigd starts and works fine if I manually sta...

Resolved! vxresize to shrink FS and to free a disk

Hello, I have to shrink this file system so that disk ndg01 is out of this volume. I tried vxresize different combinations, never got the expected result. # df -h /nmnt Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/vx/dsk/...

kodaali by Level 3
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Resolved! vxdmp io policy foundation suite 5.1 on OEl 5.5

Hi   Can some one pls let me know what should be i/o policy setting for load balance on system running Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.1 connected to Symmetrix ( DMX4) array , since currently we only 2 paths to DMX 4 and we added 4 additional 4 FA's and i/...

sunguru by Level 4
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vxconfigbackup warning

Whenever I try to backup the configuration, warning is shown as below. Also when i try to restore it, the operation fails. /etc/vx/bin/vxconfigbackup -l /opt/configbackup Start backing up diskgroup abcdg to /opt/configbackup/abcdg.1294657147.185.sys...

Jbert by Level 4
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Resolved! vxmirror giving error

root@CLFPAP06 # vxprint -htg rootdg dg rootdg       default      default  113000   1224692943.6.GSMPAP07 dm rootdg01     c0t0d0s2     auto     81407    143267904 - dm rootdg02     c0t1d0s2     auto     81407    143267904 - v  rootvol      -         ...

sam321 by Level 4
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Resolved! Purpose of nodata storage checkpoints.

  I am confused about the purpose of the "nodata" checkpoint type in VxFS.   I understand the normal full data checkpoint, but can somebody explain why you would want to use the "nodata" version?  I understand that you can see the file structure, but...

Opening a Technical Support Case

Can't find a solution to your issue on the forums? Here's a post with everything you'll need to know to open a Technical Support case:

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! VSF managment console error ...

Hi We have RHEL 5 on that we install VSF/HA version 5.1 When we try open console through VOM i am getting below error .   VEA GUI is no longer packaged. Symantec recommends use of the SFM Console to manage, monitor and report on multi-host environmen...

vinods by Level 5
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