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Resolved! nfs_sg does not go to online state

Hi,I have two systems, Solaris and RHEL, when I configure ha on both systems, the RHEL responds OK, but solaris goes to "OFFLINE|FAULTED" state,I found the following suggestions, but to no avail:svcadm enable svc:/network/nfs/fedfs-client:defaultsvca...

dmaman by Level 2
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Resolved! vxvm download

Hi,I like to install vxvm and i have can not.I found an repy of Marianne to a thread."VxVM is now called Infoscale Storage. Here is the landing page: are quite a number o...

vucni11 by Level 4
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clone disk group

Greetings,I need to migrate disk groups between hosts. The current aging server runs vxvm 5.x on solaris 10. The proposed work loads are to be taken on by a combination of Solaris 11 and Solaris 10 logocal domains, split between application and datab...

mbarlow by Level 3
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Resolved! HP-UX data migration

Hello,I am trying to migrate data from one external hdd to another. The data from the "source" hdd data is from a HP-UX (vxfs i believe) device and Id like to copy the information to an ext4 filesystem on another hdd. I have a RHEL 7.2 box to do this...

Kohdy by Level 2
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Resolved! SFHA Upgrade steps

Hi Guys, I'm currently running SFHA version 5.0  Netbackup 2 node cluster(VCS cluster). OS is Solaris SPARC. Now I want to upgrade this to 5.0 MP3 before I can upgrade it to higher versions (e.g 6.0/6.1)...Can somebody please help me with the steps t...

Bongz_83 by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Re: Installing VxVM

 I am unable to get VXVM software package. How can I download and Where can I get it.Could you please help to me. great help to me to learn nd practice for VXVM.Thanks&Regards,Gopal:+91-9884949084.

Issues configuring SAMBA using cfsshare

Hello all,I'm setting up a few Linux Veritas clusters that will provide HA storage to a java app, and present that data as an HA CIFS share.  The cluster is configured, the shared disks are working and stable, but I'm stumped on the Samba portion.I h...

database flashsnap

hi,I am running SFRAC 6.1 with AIX.I setup a snapshot with flashsnap technique on one of my DB volume.the validation of the database layout  and the deportation of the snapshiot luns are successful.However, while trying to mount those luns on the off...

kwakou by Level 4
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CFS cluster data migration

Hi ,System running HP ux 11.31 & service guard CFS cluster.If I  migrate the disk using vxevac -g disgroup  command can this migrate all volume on dg including mirrored vol & cfsvol1_dcl   as  mentioned below.should i need to take any addition steps ...

billa07 by Level 2
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not a valid vxfs file system - CDS to sliced

Can you plese help me to mount vxfs after disk replacemnt?server1:/# mount -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/appdg/scratch /scratch/ UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-20012: not a valid vxfs file system UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-24996: Unable to get disk layout version se...

SFHA Licensing

Hi Fellow Forumers,I am new to SFHA. I need your help regarding the licensing for SFHA. Detailes are as follows. Setup 1: Local HA for the Application and DB Server (Shared Storage) (Basic Design)Environment:Server ModelStorage ModelRoleQuantityOS# C...

VEA for Windows 7

Greetings,        Where can I download VEA to run on my laptop using Windows 7?   I'm managing Solaris servers but need it on my laptop.Thanks,Ken

kberry5 by Level 0
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VSF HA 6.0.1 for Windows - read policy

Hello all,we have installed Symantec Storage Foundation HA 6.0.1 for Windows.I want to properly configure the read policy.I'm reading the documentation and I'm a little confused....For Linux, the "siteread" read policy can be enable, but for Windows ...

VxVM queries

Hi,We have Solaris 10 supported by VxVm 5.0 as client and media server. To backup the client, there will be a storage replication first then the media server will mount the file systems for backup.There is a requirement to upgrade the VxVM to 5.1 due...

YC by Level 4
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InfoScale 7.1 and large disks (8Tb) with FSS

Hi everyone, I had been successfully running FSS with (thin) 8Tb disk drives on SFCFSHA 6.1 and 6.2.1 (see: I am trying to reproduce the same kind of setup with InfoScal...