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SFHA Licensing

Hi Fellow Forumers,I am new to SFHA. I need your help regarding the licensing for SFHA. Detailes are as follows. Setup 1: Local HA for the Application and DB Server (Shared Storage) (Basic Design)Environment:Server ModelStorage ModelRoleQuantityOS# C...

VEA for Windows 7

Greetings,        Where can I download VEA to run on my laptop using Windows 7?   I'm managing Solaris servers but need it on my laptop.Thanks,Ken

kberry5 by Level 0
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VSF HA 6.0.1 for Windows - read policy

Hello all,we have installed Symantec Storage Foundation HA 6.0.1 for Windows.I want to properly configure the read policy.I'm reading the documentation and I'm a little confused....For Linux, the "siteread" read policy can be enable, but for Windows ...

VxVM queries

Hi,We have Solaris 10 supported by VxVm 5.0 as client and media server. To backup the client, there will be a storage replication first then the media server will mount the file systems for backup.There is a requirement to upgrade the VxVM to 5.1 due...

YC by Level 4
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InfoScale 7.1 and large disks (8Tb) with FSS

Hi everyone, I had been successfully running FSS with (thin) 8Tb disk drives on SFCFSHA 6.1 and 6.2.1 (see: I am trying to reproduce the same kind of setup with InfoScal...

Detect more space on existing LUN

Hi, I am using Veritas Foundation 6.1 on SLES. We have a LUN aleady in a diskgroup with a volume. SAN have increased the LUN from 200GB to 300GB. How can we get Veritas to see the additional 100GB?   Tried "vxdg free" but this just shows the ex...

Resolved! VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group nbu_dg: import failed:No valid disk found containing disk group

Hi, I have a 2 node netbackup cluster(VCS). Earlier today I migrated a volume from an old storage array to a new storage array. How I did it is: 1. Present new Disk into the hosts 2. Scan for new disk on OS level 3. Scan for new disk on Veritas ...

Bongz_83 by Level 3
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Resolved! volume set expand process

I have a volume set and i wanted to expand that. There are 2 volumes in the volume set. I expanded first volume by vxassist -g growby 2048m and then i found the volume set mount not expanded when i did df -kh. Please suggest how to expand a vo...

Veritas Volume migration onto new Disk

Hello all ,   Can anyone please suggest how to migrate these volumes to new disk . The new DM disk are  emc1_1660 & emc2_1661 . I am looking for options to create mirror first with the new disk  & then disassociate/remove the old plex.    dg dg_...