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VxVM/VVR - vxassist addlog error

Hi, I have a problem with adding DCM logs to existing data volumes. I get the following error: root:/ # vxassist -g dg01 addlog rootdbs logtype=dcm nlog=1 VxVM vxassist WARNING V-5-1-9638 Mirroring DCM logs is highly recommended. VxVM vxplex ERROR ...

zkralj by Level 2
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Top Technotes May 2009 - Storage Foundation

Your question may already be answered... Here are this month's most-accessed Technotes from Tech Support. For more info, try checking out the Knowledge Base. Storage Foundation Late Breaking News (LBN) - Latest additions to the Release Notes for Ve...

Kimberley by Level 6
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howto add already used disk in a DG

i installed RHEL4 with SF4.1.... i have a volume name /vol-001 which have data in it. i want to securily add this volume in the Disk Group without effecting data. what will be the steps? what should i do ? thanks

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Veritas Volume Replicator log issue

Dear All, We have VVR with 5.0 MP1. Based on VVR working, when the link down or unavailable, rep log is filling by default.  Now we want to setting that when the link was down or unavailable, repl log should fill as minimum as. Is it possible? Ho...

Volume Manager 5.0 Solaris 10 AVT Issue

We've run in to an issue we just can't seem to resolve.  We're runing SUN T5220(solaris 10) servers with Veritas Volume Manager 5.0 installed, SAN disk is from a SUN/STK Flexline 280 & 380.  Things were running fine for a few months but a couple week...

Resolved! vxsnap restore problem

Hi All, Env: SF5MP3rp1 OS AIX 5.3 I'm trying to restore the content of a snapshot from another snapshot, but I got an ERROR, I created a test environment to show all step I made: Initial situation: a volume with one ENABLED/ACTIVE plex and two SNA...

M_Pozzi by Level 3
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Resolved! veritas storage foundation + netapp filer + lun iscsi

Hi to everybody, I have a problem on my IBM AIX system : root@ronobe: / =>oslevel -s 5300-08-04-0844 root@ronobe: / =>lslpp -l |grep -i VRTSvxvm   VRTSvxvm           APPLIED    Veritas Volume Manager by   VRTSvxvm                 ...

thesime by Level 3
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Resolved! Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 - Error code

Dear All, We have Veritas storage foundation 5.0 HA with VVR, VCS, VXVM, VXFS.  We are interested to find the guide of all Error code of above mentioned product as there is available in Netbackup. Please reply with the link of the said guide. Regar...

A list of Packages?

Where can I get a list of packages that get installed as standard for the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System Enterprise HA version 5.0.0, specifically for the X86 version... I cannae find anything to compare a jumpstart install I performe...

Sun Solaris and booting from SAN

IHAC with: SF 5.0MP3 O.S.: - Sun Solaris 10 Storage: - EMC Clariion CX-700 - IBM DS8100 InBand with IBM SVC version 4.x They would understand if we do support booting from SAN with the above storages. In the last HCL I checked (29.01.2009), there'...

AAntonucci by Level 3
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Storage Foundation 5.0 MP3 and NetBackup

I'm going to upgrade SF from 4.1 to 5.0 on a server that is also a NetBackup media server.  When I run the precheck I get notified that the currently installed versions of VRTSpbx and VRTSicsco are newer than the versions to be installed with...

Resolved! Storage Foundation 5.0

Dear All, I want to the complete command reference guide for Storage Foundation 5.0 Solaris includes VCS, VxFS, VVR. I was find the Netbackup guide but not find the SFv5.0 command guide. Can any one sent  a link for download all command guide for SF...