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Veritas DM status with LOCAL_FAILING

Hi, One of the disk had been replaced and the status is still with LOCAL_FAILING TY NAME         ASSOC        KSTATE   LENGTH   PLOFFS       STATE            TUTIL0  PUTIL0dm ora_idx-2 c4t40d1s2      auto       2048       1140796160 LOCAL_FAILING Doe...

Resolved! Veritas Storage foundation manager

Hi, I'm trying to find the Storage foundation manager (SFM) windows version.The trailware page doens't include a windows version.However the documentation page does include an installation and administration guide for the windows version. Anyone know...

Joost by Level 3
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Error encapsulating the root disk

I've been killing myself trying to get past this error:Enter the desired format [cdsdisk,sliced,q,?] (default: cdsdisk) slicedEnter desired private region length[,q,?] (default: 65536)VxVM ERROR V-5-2-338The encapsulation operation failed with the fo...

BradMc by Level 3
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Help !!! "VxDRV:vxdmp"

Pls help!!My AIX show many error messages : Class:           SType:            TEMPResource Name:   VxDRV:vxdmp DescriptionMessages reported by vxdmp driver Probable CausesAttempt to disable last path to a deviceFailure of Open or Close to a devicePa...

aj6112 by Level 2
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SFORA5.0MP3 FOR AIX , vxsvc start failed

I use two IBM P520 with AIX 5.3-07 config the SFORA, one node can configure sucess, but in the other host, the vxsvc ,storageagent can't startup, the cluster can startup.I check the /var/vx/isis/vxsvc.log,the error is below,I delete the .lock file, b...

luckyxing by Not applicable
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How to migrate the data with vmvx

Hello.Ich have a Solaris9 server with an 3.x VXVM installation. Now we need to migrate all the data from an EMC CX400 to a DMX-4.The implementation from the LUN in the OS and in vxvm is not the problem.My problem is the migration from the old LUN to ...

possible to shrink windows server 2003 partition?

Hey guys, I am new to Volume Manager so this may be a basic question. I did a forum search on "shrink" and didn't find my answer. And for whatever reason I can't download any of the Storage Foundations documentation, some kind of problem with Symante...

Resolved! Cleaning up old Flashsnap configuration

I have a bunch of volumes in a disk group that look like this: v  hds-u501     fsgen        ENABLED  278360064 -       ACTIVE   -       -pl hds-u501-01  hds-u501     ENABLED  278361600 -       ACTIVE   -       -sd DMX051044-01 hds-u501-01  ENABLED  2...

SAN Fabric ISL Link Failure / VCS Failover

I posted a question here on the HA forum ( and have been advised that my question may be better posted here. In a VCS stretched cluster using VxVM to mirror data between the s...

Best Way to Find Storage Foundation Consultant?

We are having very subtle problems with Storage Foundation, specifically we make a mirror of a boot device but cannot boot from the mirror.   I need to identify an individual in the San Francisco Bay Area who is extremely well versed in Wintel hardwa...

Error with Veritas Action Agent on w2008 x64

Windows 2008 STD x64 (fresh installed)  + SFW 5.1 (fresh installed)Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) starts, but can not connect to server (Connection to server is broken)look service launched: Veritas Action Agent service is not running. Try to...

Rost by Level 2
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Why replication starts again from zero

I configured VVR successfully and the primary node replicates successfully with the secondry node but when i stops replication and start it the replication process starts again from zero :( why

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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VxFS 4.1 MP1/MP2 Issue

Hi, We are dealing with a problem on systems running SunOS 5.10 and SE 4.1 MP1,MP2 with VCS.The problem is continuous increase in the kernel heap size. We created a forced crash dump with kmem flag enabled. We found that it's VxFS which is contibutin...

how do i get the notification/Emails of VVR

1.) how do i get the notification/Emails of replication updates2.) what are the differences between Syn override,Sync, Async replication3.) when the replication node restarts, the Disk Group does not Import automatically. How could i auto import the ...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Finding memory leak in Solaris using libumem

Hello All,            I am doing a project in finding memory leak in Solaris using libumem. The Goal and Approach of my project goes as below,Goal:The idea of this whole thing is to findmemory leaks in specially in VxVM user land. Since vxconfigd con...