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vxdisk list showing non-existent c?t?d? device file

Hello: Have an interesting situation that I'm not quite sure why it is occurring. We are moving to a new storage array.  Part of the process is to swap JNI cards out for QLA cards.  On my test server all went well except that a "vxdisk list" will sho...

tempguy by Not applicable
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Upgrade Storage Foundation 4.3 MP1 to MP2 rejected

I have a two systems (Microsoft Cluster) with Storage Foundation 4.3 MP1 which I need to update to MP2.The validation return the Status "Rejected" with the message "The product has been installed already"But the MP2 was never installed before. With h...

HSC_2 by Not applicable
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fsadm error - fileset not found

Hi,when doing a defrag of vxfs filesystems with 'fsadm -de' , I've noticed that at times it generates errors such as "UX:vxfs fsadm: ERROR: V-3-20016: fileset 1000 not found"I'm guessing that this may be due to files being deleted on the filesystem w...

Managed object not show

Hi there,I have 3 Windows 2003 server running storage exec 5.5.2310. Yesterday we change the user account password and i lose all managed object in the console. I change the 2 services credentials and also the credentials in the dcom manager. I still...

mirroring - technicals

Are there any papers on the actual technology of the mirroring process?  i.eHow can you determine write times across two plexes which sit on two different sub-disks?What happens if one sub-disk is fualty but not failed, how does Vx deal with the perf...

Glif by Not applicable
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Backup Solution

Hi Guys,             Unsure where to place this question. I’m looking for an opinion on a backup solution in a datacenter environment. We have many customers and are looking to offer backup storage for them. I was thinking of installing a storage pro...

Kurtis12 by Not applicable
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Manually edit DMPNODENAME and DISK-NAME?

My system:Solaris Sparc 10, SF5.0MP1_RP3, qlc drivers, Hitachi USP-VMIs there a way to manually edit DMPNODENAME and DISK NAME?It seems like the OS discovered the disk (9) on secondary DMP path first and therefore choosed "wrong" disk name and dmpnod...

vxdg import not running during boot

Anyone know where in the boot process on Solaris 10 that the diskgoups get imported.  We have a server that is failing on the svc:/system/filesystem/local:default service because the diskgroup for fileystems listed in /etc/vfstab is not imported at t...

Upgrading 4.0 MP1 to 5.0

Need to upgrade our current Solaris boxes from 4.0 MP1 to 4.0 MP2, then to 5.0, both VM and VCS.  Can someone give me some insight into what impact that has on a cluster that is in production?  Do I have to take the cluster down to do the upgrade?  D...

testdh by Level 2
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File Blocking policy does not work

HelloI hope someone can assist. I run Storeage exec 5.5 on a Server 2003 R2 server and when i create a managed resource for a server and select a file blocking policy (Block Media Files) it does not block the media files on the specified folder. I ha...

Quintin by Not applicable
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Not able to connect VEA

I have 3-node VCS cluster running HP-UX 11.23 IA. One node is giving some problem which i am not able to figure it out the problem.I am not able to connect to the VEA of that node.If i start isisd (or) vxsvcctrl manually, initially they start normall...

shashi by Level 3
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Veritas Checkpoint

Hello, Can somebody help me on this? i am using veritas checkpoint verson 4.5 on Solaris 10 platform i have registered all datafiles using vxdba before taking checkpoint Depending on activity in my DB  i may have to add a datafile to one of the table...

tramchand by Not applicable
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SF5 Basic License error help

Ok, we have SF5 Basic installed on a box and hit the volume limit which caused the error pasted below.  Since then we've cleaned up VM and brought our total back down to 4 volumes which are all running vxfs.  The box only has 2 physical CPUs.  After ...

Mikeal by Not applicable
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Storage Foundation (Basic) on Solaris Express

hi,i would like to install Storage Foundation (standard or basic) on Solaris Express. however, the installer won't proceed because it doesn't recognise the OS version (5.11).i understand vx on express is unlikely to be supported, but is there any cha...

rtarnell by Not applicable
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