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Root Disk mirror using Vxvm

Hi All, I am just curious to confirm the below. I have 2 Internal disk;root diskroot mirror disk OS: Solaris 8 The two disk are mirrored(encapsulated) using Vxvm 4.0 and the server is booted through root disk. If the root disk fails while running, wi...

I/O fencing VCS 4.1 with SAN on 2 sites

Hello, Has anyone have configured I/O fencing with cluster VCS 4.1 with 2 bay of disc ?I have configured 2 devices on one site and 1 device for another site.All volumes are mirrored by RAID1 with Volume manager My question is following :if my bay of ...

Feedback on certification exam

There was an original posting for the proposed Certification Exam in 2004 to request feedback about the idea, but no replies are possible, and so I have decided to open a new thread to re-open this subject. I was asked to complete the Storage Foundat...

Dawsie by Level 3
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Ways to modify /etc/init.d/vcs

Looking at the following situation Some of our administrators are shutting down cluster nodes without stopping VCS at all, or without stopping VCS properly. I'm looking into options on how to "hung"  the shutdown if VCS is locally running or even if ...

georgep by Level 2
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Modify /etc/init.d/vcs

Looking at the following situation Some of our admins are shutting down cluster nodes without stopping VCS at all, or without stopping VCS properly. I'm looking into options on how to "hung"  the shutdown if VCS is locally running or even if a databa...

georgep by Level 2
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Upgrading SFRAC 5.0 to SFRAC 5.0MP2

I installed SFRAC version 5.0 on Linux RedHat 4.0 Update 5, using the download site with filename Q19082H.sf_ha.dvd1. downloaded MP2 from same site with filename sf_ha.dvd1.

Guga by Not applicable
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VEA: Error attempting to launch web browser

Hi, I enabled the file change log in VEA on the mounted file system.Then I wanted to remove the change log. Of cource the VEA Error appears and on the window there is a Error number link.If you click on this link it should point you to the Veritas we...

Nagard by Level 3
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Low or No Read performance counter activity

Hello, I have been gathering statistics on a SAN connected database for a period of weeks capturing several disk I/O statistics using Windows Server 2003 Performance Monitor.  I am using Performance Monitor to track the LogicalDisk and Physical Disk ...

B_Turner by Not applicable
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Identifying IO bottlenecks

I am looking for utilities to identify IO bottlenecks on RH ES 3 servers running Volume Manager 4.0.  I read a little about the vgstat command.  Are there other VM commands that can identify bottlenecks and throughput to disks?  Any links and documen...

jhkcmo by Not applicable
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RPC server is not avaialbe

There were several message posted on this problem before but none of them have an answer. May be someone would be able to help me:getting an error message when trying to run any reports (or even view properties of any report): RPC server is not avail...

Storage Foundation for RHEL 5

Hi All,  I'm trying to find a copy of Storage Foundation Basic that will run on RedHat Enterprise 5.The info on the web sites suggest I need SF Basic 4.1MP4 to run on RHEL5. But the downloads only give you a version for RHEL4! Does anyone know where ...

SFHA Issue

I am setting up a demo system for a customer.  We are getting a crash on the cluster wizard; the error message states: "Faulting application VCW.exe, version, faulting module oleaut32.dll, version 5.2.3790.1830, fault address 0x00004cad."We...

Douglas_Snyder by Level 5
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SFRAC does not configuration failed

I installed SFRAC 5.0 MP1 & CP1 on HPUX 11i, but SFRAC configuration failed.Error log is below.Starting SFRAC: 0%   ______________________________________________ sh: 14873 Memory fault(coredump)sh: 19328 Memory fault(coredump)    Starting SFRAC: 100...

Kim_Chun by Level 3
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Solaris 10 install error

Hello all,I downloaded the VFS suite (sxrt5.0x64_x86_5.0x64a.dvd1.tar) from the Symantec site and uploaded it to my Solaris 10 server. After untarring it on a local drive, I am unable to install.  If I try ./installer as the documentation says, I get...