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Test failing a disk within Solaris - Disk failing to fail

Hi On the Solaris Storage Foundation v5.0 course we test failed a disk using script called run_disks (page B90 of Veritas Storage Foundation Fundamentals book). This overwrites the private region of a disk to simulate the failure of the disk. Now I d...

s2budd by Level 2
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VVR and Oracle on Windows

Hi,Does anyone out there have any advice on running VVR on windows and replicating oracle asynchronously. Specifically information regarding vxibc and creating snapshots to have a consistent copy that is usuable at the secondary site.I've created som...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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VCW fails when trying to add node to cluster (Vxatd.log)

  I am trying to add a node to an exisitng cluster using VCW (Authentication borker + root in place) .The process does not complete successfully and the following error is generated in Veritas config Log: Key Generation Commandline= C:\Program Files\...

ash22 by Level 3
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Failed to paused when assigning secondary checkpoint name...

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could help me on this. I always can't seems to pause the secondary RVG using checkpoint.Whenever I tries to pause the secondary RVG and assign a name to the checkpoint, the VVR takes a while to process and it wi...

mgf8 by Level 3
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Is there a Windows version of Storage Manager

Hi,I'm interested in the Veritas Storage Foundation Manager product. But when I goto download it I only get Unix versions, no Windows version ? It would be really handy to view/manage all Storage...

Is SFRAC Required?

Hello,In our current configuration we will be using Sol 10, Oracle 10.2 RAC, Oracle CRS 2 Node Cluster with raw devices for oracle files(data,control, etc,etc). To manage the raw devices we would be using volume manager(CVM) now the question is do we...

Rahul_2 by Not applicable
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error with VRTS 5.0 MP1 on hp-ux version B.11.23

 Starting vea, I get this error message :VEA Task Assistant The VEA Task Assistant presents the most frequently used tasks for a domain or agent. The version of your server does not support th Task Assistant feature.Has anyone seen this message befor...

leiv by Level 2
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E-mail Notifications without using Notifier

Hi,Can someone tell me if it’s possible to trigger a cmd file to run once using SF HA.I have a few clusters set up and I want to send a more friendly e-mail notification out if one of the fails over. So I would like to if possible run a cmd file when...

VRTSracdc package

Im installing storage foundation for oracle rac on solaris and Im getting this error.CPI ERROR V-9-10-1046 VRTSracdc package is not located in pkgsThe installsfrac log is saved at:        /opt/VRTS/install/logs/installsfrac1113162947.logIm installing...

Can Storage Foundation Merge Parition

Hi All I am in a bit of situation here, my system paritition for my Terminal Server is almost full. On the other hand I have another partition which has 80GB of free space. I was wondering if Storage foundation would allow me to merger the C to D par...

hydus by Level 3
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StorageEXE 5.5 manged objects disappear.

We have installed StorageExec 5.5 in our company and start having problem. After the installation,we did the file blocking policy "Stop Media Files" and "Stop Graphic Files" for 47 folders, all worked perfectly.however when we changed the users and g...

Remove rootmirror disk to do Solaris patching?

Hello, I've read a few places on the internet that a fairly easy and straight forward way to safetly break your rootdisk  mirroring for purposes of patching the Solaris OS, is to turn off your machine and remove your root-mirror drive from the machin...

SFW HA 5.0 and NBU Client 5.1 MP6 = backup failure

Hi Guys, When backups are executed on Storage Foundation HA 5.0 for Windows the NBU client states "In Progress" but no data is transferred. Backup eventually timeout. What is the recommended NBU cleint of SFW 5.0? The server is a Windows 2003 x64 wit...

what_the_ by Not applicable
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unsolved issue Citrx presentation server HA

Hi to all, can we configure citrix presentation server in high availabilty using veritas cluster server. if any one do this please let me know the concept of citrix presentation server high availabilty. 

kami by Level 2
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Download the Storage Foundation Prep Utility

The Veritas Storage Foundation Prep Utility is a new tool forStorage Foundation users that simplifies and automates the installation andupgrade process to Storage Foundation 5.0.  Simply stated, it is amust-use utility for anyone preparing for an SF-...