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Resolved! VVR Replication configuration

HI Guys,   I am configuring the replication with our 2 node cluster using cluster. but when  adding the node is giving the error. i am not able to get proper logs also in engine.log and RVG.log. please help.   [root@AOSCEDA01 ~]# vradmin -g jceda...

lazaur by Level 4
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Resolved! New filesystem creation in vxvm

We have a request of creation of new filesystem  /RMLS01/oradata5---> Add this new mount point  of 252GB   # vxassist -g RMTSTP01_ora_data_dg maxsize Maximum volume size: 999329792 (487954Mb)   When we checked the free space 487954Mb/1024 = 476...

Resolved! Upgrade Path

Hi, can I directly upgrade my SFRAC 6.0.3 to SFRAC 6.1.1 ? or do i have to upgrade it first to the BASE 6.1 before applying the MAINTENANCE RELEASE 6.1.1 ?

kwakou by Level 4
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Hello, I have a media server where the disks belonging to a specific enclosure are misbehaving. Their response times are extremely high using vxdmpadm iostat and i can also see from the OS logs that they are faulty. How can i just disable writes to...

kwakou by Level 4
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Unable to import disk Group - udid mismatch - label missing

Unable to import DG , Below is vxdisk list O/P : DEVICE       TYPE           DISK        GROUP        STATUS               OS_NATIVE_NAME   ATTR         disk_0       auto:none      -            -           online invalid       c0t5000CCA0251DB3C8d0...

hytham_fekry by Level 4
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Resolved! Howto recover vxdg with only one side of mirrors

Hi Had a mirror between to SAN arrays A + B on an older solaris 7/32b + vxvm 3.1, which needs to migrate to new vxdmp version. Shut solaris 7 down, moved SAN B luns to new solaris 10 + vxvm 5.0, which now fails to import vxdg's, even after running ...

Resolved! VXVM gives trouble in solaris11.2

Hi,     I have installed VXVM6.0.1 SF with trial version on Solaris11.2 in VMWare workstation. While installing the installer asked to set lwp_default and stksize to 0x8000. I have done it and completed installation successfully without any issue. A...

vinothtv by Not applicable
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Resolved! All disks became error

Hi, Here's the situation: Two nodes share the same luns, one system is Sol 10 with SFCFSHA 6.0. Some dg/vol created and configured to 6.0 cluster. Install another node to RHEL 6 with SFHA 6.2, after then, all the disks became error in Sol 10 no...

Weny by Level 3
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Unable to boot solaris after un-encapsulating root disk

we have a Solaris 10 X86 "147441-12 " with vxvm version 5.1 installed on a X6270 M2 sun server , The customer have HW raid "RAID 1" configured .. 4 disks configured giving 2 disks to the O.S. these 2 disks are encapsulated using vxvm for rootdisk a...

hytham_fekry by Level 4
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Resolved! Regarding deporting/importing disk in vxvm

Team,   Just a small question, Server X and Y are in cluster with shared DG Suppose  a server X shows appdg free space in 100GB and in Y server Disks are showing in deported state. Do the size of the appdg shows the same after importing it to Y ...

Resolved! Replacing/Restoring Failed Drive

Yestarday, I had two drives in my storage san fail.  The san monitor reports that all the physical drives are fine. bash-2.03# vxdisk list | grep AMS AMS_WMS0_0   auto:cdsdisk    remote996006  remote9960   online AMS_WMS0_1   auto:cdsdisk    remot...

Neobane by Level 2
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Resolved! Primary Site with 2 SANs

Environment details SFHA = 6.1 OS =RHEL 6.3 Primary Site = 2 Nodes DR Site = 1 node Agenda - Suppose Primary site 2 nodes are connected with SAN(SAN1) and also with SAN(SAN2) - Diskgroup is configured on SAN1 - VVR is also configured from Pri...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Wrong Disk Size after LUN Extension

Hello, i have a RHEL System with Storage Foundation as Volume Manager. In a Disk Group i have 14x146GB LUN´s from a EMC² VMAX Array. After extending the LUN´s to 757GB the Volume Manager thinks the Disk is 432GB in Size. Maybe it is a OS Problem, bu...

Resolved! new filesystem creation

Server is in contriol of Vxvm, We have to create a new filesystem wind_index1 in oradatadg diskgroup. Task to do : On Server sydney, please add a new mount point /wind_index1 of 91GB.   Free size availavbe is 109 GB in disk group ora_datadg Belo...

Resolved! VXVM Strip volume extension

Hello, I have the following issue.   sunstation1:/root# vxassist -g DG-DB001 maxsize Maximum volume size: 326191104 (159273Mb)------------------------->It is showing that volume can be increased up to 159273Mb sunstation1:/root# sunstation1:/ro...