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Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Beta 3 / SF5.0?

I tried to install Veritas Stirage Foundation 5.0 for Windows with a freewarelicense string onto Windows 2008 Server Beta 3 Enterprise 64-bit (Build 6001).At the "Validation" stage of the installation I received the following errormessage:Computer   ...

vxassist error cannot allocate space

What I am trying to do is grow a volume on a solaris 8 / VXVM 3.5 system. I have 2 3310 disk arrays each with 6 disks installed. When I try and run the vxassist -g dg1 maxgrow vol01 command I get this error:root# vxassist -g dg1 maxgrow vol01vxvm:vxa...

Remove/install Storage Exec proprely

Hi,My Storage Exec 5.5, on SERVER1, doesn’t work after changing the password of the system account (Services: FileScreen Server and QuotaAdvisor Server).So I try to Re-install SE, from the CD. when the installation finished without any error (I found...

Volume Manager 3.1

Hello, I realize that VM 3.1 for windows 2000 is no longer supported. However, I got everything working on windows 2003 server except I cannot add a Volume Manager Disk Resource to the cluster. I have two questions - is there any patch for 3.1 which ...

Jcarbo by Not applicable
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Initializing VxVM

Hey I'm very new to Unix and VxVM. Im running VxVM 3.2 on AIX. When i run vxinstall it won't see any disks. There is an empty disk available that isn't under LVM control. I also ran the chpv command to remove any LVM headers. I put the disk under LVM...

just1812 by Not applicable
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HiI have storage exec 5,3 installed in my net with windows 2003 server and would like to know if a form of the user proper exists to verify its quota.Thank youAnderson

Asantos by Not applicable
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Remote Sealloc

Hi All,What I'm trying to do is remotely manage the spaces quota on \\serverA from \\serverB which are both runing windows server 2k3. The problem is, I am able to sealloc \\serverA from my workstation \\myComputer and \\serverB is able to sealloc \\...

Victor_2 by Not applicable
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IDispatch error #3127

Hi all,I am getting this error message: "IDispatch error #3127", when trying to apply a space policy to a resource. Even after the error, the size disk is defined for the folder, but the policy isn't associated to it.Have anyone seen this error befor...

Problem bringing IDE disk under the contol of VM

i have 2 ide disk installed on my computer at home for lab exercises, but i am finding very difficult to bring it under VM control, everytime i run this command vxdiskadm and i take option one, it shows me that the disk installed on my system is c0t0...

Leke by Level 3
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Appling Different File Blocking Policies

Hello there. I have a problem here with my Storage Exec that is very critical for my business. I have two different file blocking policies and need to apply one to a folder and another one to a subfolder within the main folder. The policy to be appli...

Identity problems

I am trying to launch Storage Exec 5.5 on my Windows 2000 server and I keep getting the error described on this page: What is incredibly frustrating is that the process that should be running (SERptSvr)...

ELEMguy by Level 2
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Storage Exec and Netapp Filers

I am evaluating Storage Exec and have set up the system to talk to a Netapp Filer.  The connection seems to be okay but when I list volumes to report on I only ever get c$ (vol0).  Also under managed resoures, as soon as I turn a quotas on for a volu...

GaryM by Not applicable
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SF5.0MP1 Solaris x64/Opteron

According to the latest HCL (released on May 31st), Solaris x64/Opteron is supportedunder Storage Foundation 5.0MP1. Yay! But, where can I download it from? Is it just thesame download for MP1 that I have found on the support site for Solaris? It doe...

Storage Foundation Enterprise HA/DR v5.0 MP1

Hi,Has anyone encountered a problem running the Windows VEA client that comes as part of Storage Foundation Enterprise HA/DR v5.0 MP1 for Solaris?When the windows VEA client starts the progress bar completes approximately 8/9ths then hangs completely...

omega by Not applicable
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Max distance for Hostbased mirroring between 2 sites

Goodday, I'm urgent need of some information : I have a cluster to set up. On each site there is one solaris server (solaris 9) that has a Lun from an EMC Dmx box. The distance between the 2 sites is 160Km.Both nodes are able to see both EMC boxes. T...

Remco by Level 2
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installsf -responsefile ... in SF50

People Hi !I'm trying to get a responsefile for an unattende installation of SF 5.x under Solaris ...I'm getting in troubles.The doc does not tell me how.So I tried with a 4.x file base ... but the RSH/SSH option is at least 1 difference for this.The...