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hi, i have an physical box with solaris 10 and usualy an DG is imported on this host.i wish to have this DG up and runing inside a non-global zone created in this i proceed in order to do that?   should i presents the disks which make up t...

Resolved! Migrating to a new SAN

We're in the process of moving to new datacenters. All servers will be moved over but the SAN won't. The SAN will be replicated to a new SAN in the new datacenters by our SAN admins. That means, the LUNs in the new SAN will be identical to the old, a...

Resolved! vxrecover

hi, I wish to check a thing. In production could i use  online the command #vxrecover -sb volume in order to synchronize the plexes under this volume,or raid5 subdisk recovery? I mean if there is I/O on the filesystem on this volume.tnx a lot.

Resolved! File system resizing in vxvm

Hi, We have to increase size of below filesystem. by 100GB however, I am confused which disk and diskgroup I have to check. When I checeked vaultdg41 I found 6 GB of space free. But, when I checked vxprint o/p it shows volume v41 with subdisk emcpo...

Recover deleted file

Hello.   I've a vxfs filesystem (vxfs 5.0). Yesterday I've accidentally deleted a directory containing about 1000 files. Today I've remounted the filesystem readonly; I want to try to recover that deleted files (if they are not already overridden...

Resolved! How to check disk size in vxvm 4.1.

Hi root@stpsn180# vxdg -g jsdg free DISK         DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS emcdisk01    c3t1d151s2   c3t1d151     6497280   217436160 - emcdisk02    c3t1d152s2   c3t1d152     189592320 34341120  - emcdisk05    c3t1d155s...

Resolved! Mirroring Veritas Volume Manager error

Hello Everybody I am trying to add a mirror disk into a Oracle disk group, bue it shows this message: VxVM  WARNING V-5-2-1563 There is insufficient space on disk The origin disk has 150GB and the new disk has 200GB. Any idea ? Alexandre Andrich

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Resolved! VxVM 5.1

Hi all,   I'm loosing myself and sorry to boring you with stupid question. I need to download VxVM 5.1, could you help me to find the correct section? BR Morris

Resolved! failed to create a Veritas dg

Hi, I'm creating a DG with 6 LUNs. The LUNs have 1 TB each. The disks are as below: When you configure a disk error message appears: emc_clariion0_264 auto            -            -            nolabel emc_clariion0_265 auto     ...

msleite by Level 3
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Resolved! Storage Foundation with VCS migration

Dear Experts, We have SFHA CFS with VCS 5.0 running on 2xHP Rx6600 Itanium Server with Oracle DB cluster. We are using VVR to replicate Oralce prod DB to replicate to DR site. All these version as of now are 5.0. We want to migrate to new Rx2800 i2 ...

Resolved! vcs migration

Hi, I wish to migrate from solaris to linux an vcs,please i need to check it. In the case that data disks are cdsdisk then simply import the dg on linux and start the lv. In the case of root disk,after i install linux on it,i copy the vcs configur...

Resolved! Storage Foundation License Tiering

I'm going through some old license purchases, and i've come across a substantial number of Storage Foundation Standard licenses of various license tiers. It also looks like some of the purchases were made on one tiering system (1A, 4C etc), and othe...

Resolved! Issue while Extending file system in vxvm

Hi, I have a case as below, Please extend below file systems from 30G to 50G on server island. /dev/vx/dsk/VRP_PRD_ora_data_dg/sapdata2    30G    15G    14G    52%    /oracle/VRP/sapdata2 /dev/vx/dsk/VRP_PRD_ora_data_dg/sapdata4    30G    15G    ...