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clone disk group

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I need to migrate disk groups between hosts. The current aging server runs vxvm 5.x on solaris 10. The proposed work loads are to be taken on by a combination of Solaris 11 and Solaris 10 logocal domains, split between application and database. I'm not using vcs only vxvm.

The vxvm version on the new platform is 7.1. Due to limitations on the storage arrays, i cannot create clones on the array and map them to the new host. 

  1. Does vxvm have a cloning mechanism ? 
  2. Is there is a better approach to migrate the data across different vxvm versions and maintain a point of failback. I would like to maintain the the diskgroups separately until the cutover. 

The DG configs:

# app-dg
# Lun Veritas Disk Veritas DiskGroup
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC5169F app-disk0 app-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC51699 app-disk1 app-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC516A6 app-disk2 app-dg

# applocal-dg
# Lun Veritas Disk Veritas DiskGroup
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC5161A applocal-disk0 applocal-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC51626 applocal-disk1 applocal-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC51627 applocal-disk2 applocal-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC51619 applocal-disk3 applocal-dg

# db_ora-dg
# Lun Veritas Disk Veritas DiskGroup
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC5161D db_ora-disk0 db_ora-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC5161C db_ora-disk1 db_ora-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC5161B db_ora-disk2 db_ora-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC515F7 db_ora-disk3 db_ora-dg

# db_ora02-dg
# Lun Veritas Disk Veritas DiskGroup
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC51714 db_ora02-disk1 db_ora02-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC51719 db_ora02-disk2 db_ora02-dg
6000144000000010A00CB5581BC5170D db_ora02-disk3 db_ora02-dg




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You can use the 'split' option of VxVM  Disk Group Split and Join feature. 
A full volume snapshot is made of each volume which you can then split off to a new diskgroup and import on different host. 

Search for 'Disk Group Split/Join' in



Thanks Marianne,

Looks like this is feature vxvm had from very early days. Thanks again. Some doubts i have :

  1. Can the mirrored volume be created on new san disks ? any considerationto to make a note of ?
  2. since it's a migration activity, can the DG and the volumes be renamed and upgraded to a higher version of DG version on 7.1, These DGs are coming from a 5.x version. 


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  1. Yes you can mirror to new san, old san, where ever you can present the additional luns from
  2. When you split the DG you give it a new name. When you move it across you can perform the diskgroup version upgrade but you'll not be able to move it back if you do that (which you should not need to do)