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disk group import failure

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I created a full snapshot volume some months ago from Server A to Server B. Both servers are running veritas cluster 6.1 under AIX Now when i want to refresh the snap vol with its original source; I stopped all cluster service on Server B and deported the diskgroup that contain the snap vol But when i try to import it back on Server A, i get the following message VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group sa_com_dgsp: import failed: Disk write failure

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Please share with us exact steps that you followed on Server A to split and deport the dg.

Did you then make the imported dg on Server B a cluster resource?

This does not sound right - the split off dg is only meant to be imported for a short period of time on another server - like for backups or to run reports, batch jobs, etc.

Please show us output of this command on Server A and B:

vxdg -o alldgs list

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Hi Marianne,

yes I made it a cluster resource on Server B.

The steps i followed to split it was the following.

On server A:

1 - add an additional mirror plex with vxsnap addmir

2 - wait for sync to complete 

3 - create the snapshot with vxsnap make source=avol/newvol=bvol/nmirror=1

4 - split and finally deport : vxdg split adg bdg bvol ;  bxdg deport bdg

On server B:

import the dg with vxdg -s import bdg (Server B is actually a cluster made up of 2 nodes)

Output of the command vxdisk -o alldgs list 

on Server A:

ibm_ds8x000_18 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg_srl03  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_38 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg01  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_39 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg02  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_40 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg03  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_41 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg04  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_42 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg05  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_43 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg_redo01  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_44 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg_srl01  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_45 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg_srl02  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_47 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg06  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_48 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg07  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_49 auto:cdsdisk    moz_dg08  moz_dg    online shared
ibm_ds8x000_67 auto:cdsdisk    -            (moz_dg-snp) online
ibm_ds8x000_68 auto:cdsdisk    -            (moz_dg-snp) online
ibm_ds8x000_69 auto:cdsdisk    -            (moz_dg-snp) online
ibm_ds8x000_70 auto:cdsdisk    -            (moz_dg-snp) online
ibm_ds8x000_71 auto:cdsdisk    -            (moz_dg-snp) online

On Server B

ibm_ds8x000_2c02 auto:cdsdisk   -            (moz_dg-snp) online               hdisk113         lun
ibm_ds8x000_2c03 auto:cdsdisk   -            (moz_dg-snp) online               hdisk114         lun
ibm_ds8x000_2c04 auto:cdsdisk   -            (moz_dg-snp) online               hdisk115         lun
ibm_ds8x000_2c05 auto:cdsdisk   -            (moz_dg-snp) online               hdisk116         lun
ibm_ds8x000_2c06 auto:cdsdisk   -            (moz_dg-snp) online               hdisk117         lun

In this case i want to import back on Server A moz_dg-snp


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What you've post above and the error doesn't match up


VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group sa_com_dgsp: import failed:


Please post everything you're doing from start to finish as attachment.

Level 4

Dear Riaan, please you can consider it as it is.

i have two disk groups with the same symptoms : sa_com_dgsp and moz_dg-snp.

i just post the latter one. sa_com_dgsp has been also constructed the same way as moz_dg-snp and is having same issues when trying to import it back.