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fsck VxVM volume fails during boot

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In reference to a previous post.

Having the exact issue but on SuSE 11 SP1, with new install of SF 6.0.

I tried the fix in the technote listed but it still does not work.

Here is my /etc/fstab

/dev/vx/dsk/iso_dg/iso_vol   /iso-nfs   vxfs   _netdev,hotplug   0 1

If I comment the line in fstab then the system will boot normal, and I can mount the volume manually no issues. But with fstab the system boots into maintenance mode with no network, no vxvm, no mount.

Please help.


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Hi Dean,


Could you check the boot.msg for any 'vx' related messages (vxportal, vxfs etc.)



> Check if netfs is supposed to start while booting up :

# chkconfig -list | grep netfs


> Check the boot sequence. All the local OS filesystems (other than this) should get mounted before the VxFS filesystem is attempted to mount.



> Try with adding _netdev entry in /etc/init.d/boot.localfs :


fsck $FSCK_PROGRESSBAR -R -A -m -a $FSCK_FORCE -t noopts=hotplug,_netdev