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move a dg to a new server

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I have 2 solaris servers running storage foundation 5, using the same attached san but not same disks.

I need to move 1 disk group (1 lun) from server one server to the other.

The storage team has agreed to rezone the lun so both servers can see it...

Will there be anything I need to to do,, to deport from server 1 and import to server 2?


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Should just need to rescan for new disk in O/S and then recan in VxVM using "vxdctl enable" (for system which is receiving moved disk).  


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As Mike suggested, you need to rescan the disks in second server using devfsadm & vxdctl enable so that disks are visible on second server.

I would also recommend to deport diskgroup from first host (if possible) while doing this operation (for safer side). Reason I am saying this because, if in case diskgroup is already imported on 1st node, & you do rescanning on 2nd server & disks are visible, if someone accidently imports disk group on second node as well, there may be chances of concurrency issues & mounting FS/volumes in 2nd node may result in data corruption. Better to administer this closely while this operation is completed.



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I think there is no need to rezone to make both the sever 1 and 2 could see the LUN at the same time.

This could be done by simply 3 steps:

1. deport the DG properly from server 1.

2. modify the SAN zone to remove server 1 and add server 2.

3. scan and assign device file by devfsadm; scan and assign name from VxVM level by vxdctl enable; vxdg import <dgname> to import the DG.