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problem with starting vxconfigd

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i have a problem with starting vxconfigd daemon


# vxconfigd
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-8561 ddl_fill_dmp_info: Path 0x1f021000 not found in devlist FAKE_ENCLR_SNO: Error 0
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-1589 enable failed: System error occurred in the client
        Error 0; aborting

First was problem with free space in / file system. Somebody made

# mv /sbin/fs/vxfs4.1 /opt; ln -s /opt/vxfs4.1 /sbin/fs/vxfs4.1

After  reboot - server didn't start


> hpux /last/vmunix

after starting did

# rm /sbin/fs/vxfs4.1; mv /opt/vxfs4.1 /sbin/fs/vxfs4.1

# shutdown -r

But now we can't to mount some directories by vxfs

What can i do at this moment?

Thank you.


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Similar (unresolved) post: 

If we look at the link in Scott's post: 
it seems to point to filesystem corruption.

Quite possible with your root filesystem filling up.

Hopefully you have support from HP? 
Unfortunately no support from Symantec as VxVM 4.1 ran out of support in 2011: 

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Hi, Seems there is device tree corrupt in the system. Try to clean device tree and test again: mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/ # mv # rm /dev/vx/rdmp/* # rm /dev/vx/dmp/* # rm /dev/rdsk/* # rm /dev/dsk/* #ioscan #insf -ev #vxconfigd -k